Ad Fontes Debuts Initiative To Funnel Ad Dollars Back To News


After one of the most popular sessions at Radio Ink‘s Forecast 2024, news bias rating tech firm Ad Fontes Media has unveiled a new service designed to guide advertisers in channeling their spending back to local newsrooms.

This partnership with The Trade Desk aims to exclude partisan, AI-generated, or clickbait content.

Under the deal, Ad Fontes Media data will integrate directly into The Trade Desk’s contextual API, allowing advertisers to select segments for credible and unbiased news content with more certainty and precision.

Ad Fontes Media Chief Strategy Officer Lou Paskalis said, “I know from over three decades as a media buyer that the most valuable audiences are in news. Because of short-sighted thinking and over-correction around brand safety and suitability in news, it’s been an under-invested category for the last eight to ten years, which means there is unduplicated reach to be gained there now. In search of ease and scale, marketers have bought low-quality inventory instead of news, much to their detriment. Now, they don’t have to choose between high-quality news and scale.”

Paskalis previously discussed the importance of getting local radio newsrooms well-funded during a keynote at Forecast 2024, saying that the War on Truth is gnawing away at our society, local unbiased news is one of the most powerful ways to fight back in a world, “Where facts are fungible.” As he describes it, “Advertising alone cannot fix this problem, but we can be part of the solution.”

Ad Fontes Media Founder and CEO Vanessa Otero commented, “The Trade Desk has always pioneered how digital advertising works with a mission-driven focus on making the open web better for people and publishers. One of the pillars of making the internet better is making good journalism a profitable endeavor for more publishers, and no company is in a more powerful position to create that change than The Trade Desk.”

The Trade Desk Chief Strategy Officer Samantha Jacobson added, “The Trade Desk believes in the power of trusted journalism and the role of advertising in funding it. We are pleased that our customers will now have access to Ad Fontes’ media ratings data so that they can have as much confidence as possible that they are advertising against premium journalism content.”


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