NAB Joins With Hispanic Broadcasters To Get Out The Vote


The NAB has announced a nonpartisan coalition aimed at increasing Latino voter turnout for the 2024 elections, as Hispanic media continues to band together this week. The coalition seeks to leverage the trust placed in Hispanic media to deliver impartial and accurate information across languages.

The coalition plans to develop a comprehensive digital election toolkit containing messaging, educational materials, and creative assets to assist in informing and motivating bilingual Hispanic audiences to participate in the upcoming elections.

The coalition’s founding members include several radio groups: Bustos Media, Entravision Communications, Estrella Media, Hispanic Communications Network, Latino Media Network, Lazer Media, Meruelo Media, and TelevisaUnivision. Additional digital and television support is added from Telemundo, Poderistas, and Epluribus LLC.

This week has seen an increased focus on the nation’s second-largest ethnic group. On Monday, the Hispanic Radio Alliance was launched, bringing together more major media players to raise awareness for and direct advertiser business to Spanish-language radio. The HRA was sparked during Radio Ink‘s 2023 Hispanic Radio Conference in Miami.

NAB CEO Curtis LeGeyt said, “This unprecedented coalition reinforces our commitment to the Hispanic community and to the Hispanic media companies and organizations that serve all segments of the Hispanic community. Through this coalition, we aim to collaborate and share resources that will educate, motivate and equip Hispanics to participate in the electoral process. NAB is proud to lead this effort that elevates the importance of the Hispanic vote and encourages Hispanic voters to make their voices heard.”


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