Do You Believe In Radio? Prove It


(By Rick Fink) Do you believe that radio works? How long would I have to listen to your station before I heard a mention of or a promotion that included Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram? “Follow us on Instagram!” “See the details on our Facebook page.”

Now, how long would a business owner have to listen to your station to hear another business owner’s testimonial about the power of radio, or a great spot for a recent piece of research proclaiming radio’s steadfast reach despite the growth of digital media and traditional media fragmentation?

We should not be ashamed of what we do, instead, we should promote the hell out of it. Brag about what you do. Or, don’t you believe radio works? If you’re not promoting your industry and your stations, you’re missing a great opportunity to establish yourself as the advertising expert in your market. Or don’t you believe radio works?

I, for one, know radio works. When will you start to reap the benefits of promoting radio advertising on air? Or don’t you believe radio works?

Can you imagine the impact over time if every station in the country ran creative pro-radio campaigns?

Every time we persuade one of our station clients to begin running great advertiser testimonials, or pro radio spots, their phones ring with leads how much “measurement” do you need? Most radio stations do not promote themselves, or at least the radio advertising side of their stations. Why is this? It’s not because they don’t believe in radio. It’s because it takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and thought to write and create self-promoting ads.

So… do you believe?

Rick Fink from ENS Media can be reached at 605-310-2062 or at [email protected]. Read Rick’s Radio Ink archives here.


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