When You Go From Great Call To No Call, Try This


(By Chris Stonick) You had a GREAT first call. This client is a slam dunk! You told your manager that this will close – 100%! That first call should have been videoed for a “How to do a first call!” You got great notes, wrote a killer ad, and now… nothing.

Wait? What happened? The client won’t get on the phone, answer an email or text. So, what do you do? You keep calling, emailing, and texting hoping that something will change. The real problem here is that the client never got to hear that “killer” ad.

Here’s what I tell my client sellers. Wait until after hours. Call into the client’s business.  When you get a prompt to leave a message… play the commercial into their voicemail.  Don’t introduce yourself. Play the ad. Then after the ad is done, say, “Hey, this is (your name). I thought this ad was so good, you needed to hear it. If you feel the same way, give me a call at (your phone number).”

I’ve used this technique often. Many times, the client calls back the very next day apologizing for not getting back sooner! Get product to ears! It works!

For more than three decades, Chris Stonick has helped thousands of organizations across the country with recruiting and retention while generating well over $100,000,000 in billing for his client radio stations. Contact Chris at 863-397-5615 or by email


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