Three New ‘Coats Of Paint’ To Refresh Your Station


(By Buzz Knight) Even when a brand stays on track, things can get stagnant. Does your station need a new coat of paint? This doesn’t mean departing from the strategic roadmap out of restlessness; think of little twists or different treatments to try and freshen things up a bit.

You should regularly consider what opportunities you might have to add a new coat of paint to refresh your brand. Some places to look:

Logos: Your brand identity is communicated via your logo. Like Google, look for clever ways to tweak it when topicality moments occur. If a local team is headed to the playoffs, consider subtle usage of team colors to engage with that moment.

Note – Logos can be tricky so consult your counsel to be sure you’re not violating any laws.

Benchmarks: Although fixed position benchmarks are proven to be successful, consider moving them at some point in their life cycle as you have an opportunity for a new audience to find them. Credit to friend and former boss Steve Goldstein who often challenged his programmers to think that way as a means of putting a new coat of paint on things.

Music Clocks: Your music clocks are a signature of what you stand for to your target audience and clocks should be a byproduct of careful research. At times, stations become so stagnant in clock flow that I bet listeners can begin to predict what’s next in any given hour. New clocks can be a fresh coat of paint. I’ve seen some of the most disciplined and successful programmers deploy this tactic.

It’s important for your audience to have an expectation for the sound of your brand. Sameness and consistency are important tent poles for success. It’s also equally important to take a step back, get that programming paint brush out, and apply some new coats of paint to refresh your brand.

Buzz Knight can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]. Read Buzz’ Radio Ink archives here.


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