The NAB To Automakers: ‘Depend on AM Radio’


Days after Google made a major play in the battle for the electric vehicle dashboard, the National Association of Broadcasters has started a campaign to protect the AM band. “Depend on AM Radio” is designed to raise awareness of AM radio’s importance in cars for news, public safety, community engagement, and entertainment.

This campaign, which urges all radio stations to participate, aims to remind listeners of what makes AM radio unique. “Depend on AM Radio” launched after moves by Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer move to defend the band and keep it in electric vehicles.

“With a monthly audience of 82 million Americans, AM radio is a cornerstone of everyday life for many that also serves a critical, life-saving function during extreme weather and natural disasters,” said NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt. “Implementing cost-cutting measures at the expense of our nation’s emergency communications abilities is reckless and will have dire consequences for Americans that rely on AM radio in times of crisis. NAB’s ‘Depend on AM Radio’ campaign will elevate the voices of listeners who depend on AM radio and share opposition to removing the medium with automakers and members of Congress.”


  1. I stand with NRB and all broadcasters on the importance of AM radio. It can be a lifeline when other communication avenues are disabled. It is also a venue which provides radio programs that do not broadcast on FM bands. Please continue the fight to keep AM radio available in automobiles and on other receivers. Thanks for all you do!


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