Nielsen: Radio Still Best Way to Reach Hispanic Audience


A new report from Nielsen reveals AM and FM broadcast radio is the most-viable way to reach U.S. Hispanic audiences.

The study, released by Nielsen on Wednesday, showed 97% of all Latinos ages 18 and over listen to AM and FM radio on a monthly basis, compared to 59% of all streaming music services.

“Beyond being a highly efficient medium for building broad reach, AM/FM radio has the unique ability to reach Hispanic adults during prime hours of the day and while listeners are away-from-home and closest to retail,” a spokesperson for Nielsen said. “Additionally, radio offers listening experiences that are plugged into local communities, with music and talk programming that is curated based on local culture, tastes and lived experiences. In fact, more than half — 54% — of Latino adults agree that their favorite radio station helps them stay connected to their community….”

The same study found that podcast consumption has increased with Hispanics over the last two years, with 60 percent of those surveyed saying they listen to podcasts more often. The top three podcast genres popular with Hispanics were comedy, news and education, according to the Nielsen report.


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