Leo Laporte Leaving Radio


After nearly 20 years as host of “The Tech Guy” on more than 200 radio stations, syndicated personality Leo Laporte announced his retirement from radio at the end of the year. His last show will be January 1, 2023. Laporte introduced his replacement TV personality and podcaster Rich DeMuro, host of the “Rich On Tech” segment on KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles and the weekly podcast of the same name.

DeMuro, who has guest hosted for Laporte on numerous occasions, will be integrated into “The Tech Guy” through the end of the year, which will lead into the launch of “Rich On Tech,” a new three-hour weekend radio program debuting Saturday, January 7, 2023.

“After 46 years in radio, 19 of them as ‘The Tech Guy,’ I thought it would be nice to see what Sunday brunch is like. Fortunately, I won’t be leaving our audience in the lurch; Rich is the perfect guy to help people get the most out of technology. I’ll raise a mimosa in your honor, Rich.”

“I’m so excited to be available to viewers and listeners in a whole new way on the radio!” said DeMuro. “I can’t wait to answer questions and talk about gadgets, tech news, and helpful apps, plus tackle important topics like privacy and scams. My goal is to make it the most useful show you can listen to each week, live or on the podcast. Leo has been an inspiration over the years and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”

“Leo has been a trusted source of tech news and information for listeners across the country, and we’ve enjoyed a successful partnership with him for more than 15 years,” said Julie Talbott, President of Premiere Networks. “We wish him all the best! We also look forward to this new and exciting chapter with Rich DeMuro, who has built a loyal following across TV, audio and social media. We’re confident audiences will enjoy his smart and fresh take on the world of technology.”



  1. Let’s not forget that while Leo was having an affair with his show Producer (pun intended), and STILL MARRIED, he exposed his little (pun intended) ‘pee pee’ erection via camera during a broadcast for his honey by accident and there are still images of this on the internet if you search hard (again, pun intended. Laporte has a history of being a perv back to his beginnings in broadcast tech, maybe before that as a DJ too. Kate and others from the old shows said he was always hitting on the young girls and making rather rude sexual content comments. I think Laporte is as much a pervert as he is a product where for Payola and Freebees. I never believed for a second he paid (money) for all the tech he was talking about. I used to do a competing Radio show on a different major station, before Laporte was on iHeart and KFI, so I know how much free expensive toys the companies try to bribe you with to get air time and endorsements. Laporte used to be a big proponent of Linux, while putting hate on MS, then Apple started bribing him with freebees, when Apple cut off ALL the Tech Media from the freebees, only loaners, Laporte was pissed and turned on Apple, they heard it and stopped even inviting him to unveilings. He was a pimp for Cannon for years and then suddenly was all in for Epson. You smell some PAYOLA? I say good riddance to Laporte, but DeMuro isnt a Tech, he’s a glorified News reporter and know nothing about IT or IS, and hardware.


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