WABC’s Bernie McGuirk Dies From Prostate Cancer


The co-host of Bernie & Sid in the Morning, Bernard McGuirk passed away Wednesday night following a bout with prostate cancer, just a few weeks shy of his 65th birthday.

McGuirk had been co-host of WABC’s Bernie & Sid in the Morning with Sid Rosenberg since April of 2018.

A special tribute for McGuirk, including memories and thoughts from the WABC staff, will air on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Red Apple CEO John Catsimatidis said, “We are all devastated by the loss of Bernie. He was a true New Yorker whose talent and intelligence propelled him to the top of New York morning radio. He had incredible insights on local, national, and world news that his listeners respected. He will be missed by everyone at WABC and his fans around the world.”

In an email to the 77 WABC team late last night, Chad Lopez, President of Red Apple Media and 77 WABC, wrote, “Bernie was not just half of Bernie and Sid in the Morning; Bernie was part of the fabric of WABC. Listeners from all around the world started their days with Bernie’s charismatic wit and insight, from tragic events to American’s day to day life. His absence will leave a hole not just at WABC but across the airwaves and in America’s hearts. Bernie was our brother, our friend, our mentor, our colleague. We will all miss Bernie more than words can express.”

“Bernie was my partner and my friend,” said Rosenberg. “He was always the smartest guy in the room, and I was fortunate to be the guy next to him. I know our listeners join me in grieving the loss to radio and to New York.”

McGuirk had been with WABC since 2007 as Executive Producer of the Imus in the Morning Show. McGuirk was with the Imus In the Morning show since its latter days at WNBC Radio. He made the move with Imus to WFAN Radio in New York City in 1988 and remained there until 2007. McGuirk was also part of the Imus team when the show became nationally syndicated in 1993.

Born in the Bronx, New York City in 1957, McGuirk was a graduate of the College of Mount St. Vincent. He is survived by his wife Carol, and their two children, Brendan and Melanie.


  1. This was a shocker when I turned the page and saw Bernie’s obit. Even though I never met him, I felt as though I knew him. His Cardinal skits were hysterical and he made Imus into a top rated radio show.

  2. As a listener I new this day was coming!!! With family members who have suffered and died from this horrible disease. GODS SPEED !

  3. I love Bernie ! He was my neighbor and gym buddy. Knowing him he was such a great person and very humble. He loved his family. He will be missed very much.

  4. God m clearly broke the mold after creating Bernie. Off the wall at times, but what a sense of humor. A brilliant human being and someone who would tell it like it is. Thank you Bernard. May you be in heaven half hour before the devil knows your gone.

  5. Bernie was a singular New York talent. Will miss him a lot. You men out there: get a PSA test. It would have saved Bernie’s life. The vaccine did this? Please shut your ignorant pie holes.

    • Richard..
      You are right on the money!!
      Thank you for doing a public service announcement cement out there for the gentlemen..getting your prostate checked saves lives

  6. Devastated to hear this. I listened to him on Imus till the end. Bernie was an integral part of why I loved the show. RIP Bernie. Keep ‘‘em laughing in heaven

  7. Bernie was a very sweet guy – and such a loyal individual. He made fun of everything – which we sorely need these days. RIP – I’m pleased to have known you a little bit……

  8. Such an intelligent and genuine man. Thank you for sharing your talent and being brave enough to remain yourself in the spotlight. Goodnight, Bernie.

  9. I listen from the imus days until the end. When Bernie said his wife set him up for the jab I knew it was trouble. That thing is dragging a lot of underlying conditions out of people plus it destroys your immune system. Their will never be another Bernie. Rest in peace Irishman. Gra Dia!

    • I had the jab 2 times and I am fine. Please show some reputable links to back up what you say.

      Or go back to listening to Alex Jones.

  10. Irreplaceable!

    No offense to Sid, but Bernie was the reason I listened after they picked up the ball after Imus ended.

    End of an era.

  11. So sad to hear about Bernie’s passing, condolences to his family, I have been with Bernard’s presence for well over 35 years, funny man great friend very talented, mornings will not be the same god bless the mcgurts

  12. I am heartbroken to hear of the passing of the extraordinary radio legend, Bernie McGuirk. It was a gut punch. I’ll miss my Irish buddy immensely. Prayers for his wife, Carol, children, Brendan and Melanie, his Pop and great friends, Sid and Beau. Rest in eternal peace, Bernie. ❤️🙏

  13. I feel fortunate to have experienced Bernie’s wit and wisdom. He deserved a larger platform than he achieved here. Maybe in the next life.

  14. Will miss the great Bernie!! Mornings won’t be the same!! Been with him back when Imus in the morning ruled NY radio. Bless him & his family on his passing. A tremendous loss for us all!! RIP!!

  15. Unfortunately, Bernie bragged about getting 3 Covid-19 vaccines last year, which we now know have been linked to many illnesses including cancer. Personally, I think he did himself in.

      • How dare you!!!! Bernie is beloved by EVERYONE! How can you say that disgusting remark??? He doesn’t deserve this NASTY comment. Bernie is and always will be one of the finest individuals in this world.
        A true gentleman; unlike you Mr. Seal.

        And James you are no better! You two have obviously not listened to Bernie and heard his intelligence, wit, compassion and kindness !

    • Prostate cancer is the leading cause of death in men. It had nothing to do with getting a vaccine. Take off the aluminum foil hat, stop listening to Steve Bannon and his fellow kooks. The WTC wasn’t knocked down by Bush, men really landed on the moon, the earth is round and the school shootings really happened.

  16. Bernie was such a smart guy and you can tell he was a family man who loved his family and friends and of course Sid! Very sad day to all who knew Bernie (even the ones that just listened to him on the radio). RIP Bernie!

  17. Prostate cancer kills over 30,000 per year, average age they get it is 66. Breast cancer kills 40,000 per year, average age 62. Prostate cancer gets between 1/3 and 1/2 the federal research funding and 1/10 of public donations. All in all, breast cancer gets almost 3 times the research funding. Lung cancer leads the pack and kills 3.5 times more people (mostly men) than breast cancer but gets less than half the funding. There are 851 women’s rights groups employing almost 7,000 women, who make this happen.

  18. For years he heard Imus talk about his prostate cancer and even joke about it. It’s a shame and makes me angry that our Bernie did not take that to heart and attend to his own health. We know nothing about the extent of the cancer when it was finally addressed but he went through hell with the chemo. I don’t know if he got the shot, but if he did, it could not have helped his immune system. His suffering could have been avoided and we are all beyond sad with his passing.

    • I stopped listening to Imus after some incredibly vile things he had to say the day of Gerald Fords funeral.
      For about 2-3 years i started listening to Berman and whatever RINO was paired with him.
      For about 2 years i have listened to Bernie and Sid. They were a great team and Sid picked up the ball gracefully and with class.
      RIP McGurk you were refreshing, funny and smart. It came through every show.

  19. I’ve been waiting for Bernie to come back, and this morning I hear he passed. He is the reason I listened to the show. Such sad news. Will miss him.

  20. Bernie will be greatly missed, I’ve been listening to him since Imus in the 70’s. I was Imus’s hairdresser in the good ole days. Bernie was a character, so funny , genius at his job . It’s going to be so sad not hearing him in the morning. My sister lives in Long Beach, NY & her children were in Bernie’s childrens classes. We always saw him at church for their communions. He’s in our prayers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻& his family. Rest In Peace.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Bernie really impressed me as a real person; fame did not change him. So saddened by this news. May he Rest In Peace and his family be comforted by the outpouring of love and respect.

  22. We listened to Bernie on our way to work every morning and now in retirement. He was a truly a wonderful man , great friend to many and he loved our country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Our prayers are with his family and his radio family especially Sid. He will be truly missed . This is a sad day . RIP Bernie

  23. RIP Bernie. My thoughts and prayers are with your family🙏 Not hearing your voice in the morning will be a great loss to me and all his listeners

  24. Sad, sad news. Bernie was such a witty, common sense guy who was a part of life for years. God bless him and keep him.

  25. I put the radio on this morning, to listen to my favorite show. It felt like a member of my family had passed away. Bernie may you Rest in Peace, you were one of the best men on my radio.

  26. You almost feel like Bernie was family. I will miss him, he has been a part of my morning for many years. So sad for his family, for Sid, his friends and his many fans.

  27. I am so incredibly sad to read this. I have been praying for Bernie. First Imus, then Rush, and now Bernie. So very sad. God bless him and his family.

  28. I am a prostate cancer survivor. By the grace of God and my wife’s intuition, I caught this disease early. If you’re a man over fifty, get an annual PSA test. I heard Bernie say that he wish he didn’t ignore his elevated PSA. It ended up costing him his life, so sad. Godspeed.

  29. My Heart goes out too Bernie Wife and Two children and Everyone who worked with the Great Bernie McGuirk! I never had the chance too meet Bernie in person but listening too him over the years I felt like we’ve been friends for Years. 770WABC has taken a big Hit , but Bernie Legacy will live forever! Great Patriot! Great Man! Great Father! Great Friend! May God bless him and his family and his 770WABC family!!!

  30. Will be truly missed. Have listened since Imus days. Always the smartest and funniest guy in the room. RIP Bernie. Condolences to his family. Gone too young

  31. Im sitting in my car in tears , Bernie was such a
    Great and honest guy. A true genuine human
    Being i will miss listening to him every morning
    God Bless him!!

  32. Rest In Peace Bernie. You’ve been a part of my morning for a very long time. Enjoy playing which doesn’t belong and why in heaven.


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