House Passes PRESS Act


On Monday the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R.4330 – Protect Reporters from Exploitative State Spying Act, also known as the PRESS Act, which would establish protections for journalists at the federal level who reveal confidential sources except in defined circumstances such as threats to national security.

The bill prohibits the federal government from compelling journalists and providers of telecommunications services, such as phone and internet companies, to disclose certain protected information, except in limited circumstances such as to prevent terrorism or imminent violence.

Specifically, the bill protects from disclosure any information identifying a source, as well as any records, contents of a communication, documents, or information obtained or created by journalists in the course of their work.

Further, the bill protects specified third parties, such as telecommunications carriers or social media companies, from being compelled to provide testimony or any document consisting of a record, information, or other communication that is stored by the third party on behalf of a journalist.

Upon the House passing the legislation. NAB CEO Curtis LeGeyt issued the following statement. “A free press is a necessary and vital hallmark of American democracy, enabling the unencumbered reporting of news and information that affects our communities, our nation and the world. This legislation honors the sanctity of journalists’ relationship with their sources and ensures members of the press may continue their important work without fear or favor.”


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