Four Georgia Students Just Came Into Some Radio Money


The Friends of Georgia Radio has announced its first four scholarship winners. The four student winners will be awarded $1,500 scholarship checks at the organization’s RADIO BASH August 27th. Here are the winners…

Talk show host at WUOG (University of Georgia), Midori Jenkins.
Music director at WRAS (Georgia State University), Kim Ruiz
Station manager at WPCZ, Z98.7FM, (Piedmont University), Madison Gott
Assistant station manager at WPCZ, Z98.7FM, (Piedmont University), Matt Kodrowski

All four students plan to make broadcasting their career choice, and the Friends of Georgia Radio hope these scholarships will help make that a reality.

“The four initial recipients of the Friends of Georgia Radio scholarships have begun to hone their broadcast skills through their respective college/university radio stations. One student currently serves as the music director of her station, while another student host a radio talk show. The third student has spent the past year developing his radio play-by-play skills. The final recipient currently serves as the student manager of her school’s radio station,” says Dr. Dale Van Cantfort, Professor of Mass Communications and Faculty Advisor to Z98.7FM, the student-run radio station at Piedmont University.





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