Comedians Take On Topics


Comedian and actress Leslie Jones will launch her first podcast in August. She will be joined each week by co-host comedian Lenny Marcus in conversation about the day’s hottest topics.

“I have a lot of things to say,” said Jones. “I could have shared them on a daytime talk show where I’d have to censor myself. But in a podcast, I can say what I want,” On the fckry, you’re getting the uncut, 100% pure Leslie Jones. If you’ve ever wanted to hang with me and talk, here’s your chance.”

“Leslie and I talk on the phone all the time, and most of our conversations are us complaining about our lives or the crazy world we live in,” said Marcus. “It usually just devolves into us cracking each other up. And now you, the listener, get to hear that!”

The first “the fckry” podcast drops August 11.


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