Pro Music Rights Going Public


Pro Music Rights, a music licensing company, has agreed to go public through a reverse merger with Nuvus Gro. The move comes as Pro Music Rights CEO Jake Noch being appointed as Nuvus Gro’s Chairman, CEO and CFO.

This week, Sam Talari resigned in all positions including as a director and executive officer of Nuvus Gro. In a company statement, “Talari confirmed that this resignation was not the result of any disagreement with the Corporation on any matters relating to the Corporation’s operations, policies, or practices.”

Formed in 2019, Pro Music Rights licensees include companies like TikTok, iHeart Media, Triller, Napster, 7Digital, Vevo and others. According to Pro Music Rights, the company controls an estimated market share of 7.4% in the United States, representing over 2,500,000 works.

The company said additional detailed information on the move to go public will be Disclosed via regulatory filings and press releases.


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