For Podcasters, Relevance Matters For Money Magnetization


That’s one of the key comments made by Dave Jackson, CEO of the School of Podcasting, as the second of the two-day How to Make REAL MONEY Podcasting virtual conference kicked off with an exclusive conversation between the acclaimed podcasting professional and Radio Ink and Podcast Business Journal Editor Ed Ryan.

Jackson noted halfway through a conversation full of nuggets that podcasters may be longtime friends, and that bond can often bring intriguing and interesting conversations to the listener. Then, there are the inside jokes, and open mic reminiscences about events and occurrences the audience has no knowledge of — or simply doesn’t care.

On another note, “the key is to be confident” when it comes to attracting an audience — and dollars.

“Never put a limit on what the audience can give you,” Jackson said, quoting “Podfather” and former Top 40 radio and MTV personality Adam Curry.

He noted the presence of Patreon, a podcast platform that allows fans “become active participants in the work they love by offering them a monthly membership” — another way podcasters can earn an income from their audio shows.

“Support BTR” was created for Ryan’s weekly podcast, Beach Talk Radio, and he shared how pushing out clips on YouTube and Facebook can boost the donations, and not make it sound like “begging” to the audience.

Ryan’s conversation with Jackson preceded conversations with U.K. podcast pro Paul Chantler and Gene “Bean” Baxter, now based in London after a successful career in U.S. radio; Jam Street Media President Matty Staudt; with Traci LaForge scheduled to conclude the conference with a 30-minute conversation at 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET.


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