It’s A Battle Worth Fighting


(By Rick Fink) There are times when we know that regardless of what you do, it won’t have much impact. But we also know that some things are worth standing up and fighting for.

Last Thursday, Amazon announced the Prime Day(s) for 2022, July 12-13.

The questions are… as Radio and TV stations, do we promote Prime Day FREE of charge as many stations have done for years? Do we simply not mention it at all? Or do we stand up and fight for your local business owners? I believe it’s a battle worth fighting!

When I have engaged in a discussion on this topic, some have said, “It’s a battle you can’t win”. That may be true, but in my opinion, it’s a battle worth fighting.

If you have been reading this post for more than a year, you know that I am not a supporter of Amazon. In fact, two weeks ago I ordered two different books that were both available for less money on Amazon, but I chose eBay. Will my decision have an impact on Amazon’s June sales? Absolutely not! But it’s a battle worth fighting!

Let me be clear. I think Amazon is an ingenious business model. They employ thousands of people in the US (1.1 million). They serve as a source for entrepreneurs to sell their goods, and they are finally paying sales tax (maybe). But and the big but is, how much damage do they inflict on our local business communities, especially the brick-and-mortar retail stores?

There is one thing they don’t do. They (Amazon) don’t support our local communities in any other way. They don’t support local organizations, clubs, ball teams, etc. They don’t buy from any of your local businesses. They only take!

So, on July 12th & 13th, just like everyone else, you have choices. You can either support Amazon by talking about it on your airwaves, you can say nothing, or you can stand up and support your local business community and ask your listeners to NOT participate in Prime Day!

If you would like a FREE “Shop Local” ad script that will show your listeners and your business owners that you support THEM and NOT Amazon, click here and we will send you a copy!

If you choose to support your local business community and NOT Amazon, will it make an impact on Prime Day sales? Probably not, but your prospects, clients, and business owner listeners will appreciate the effort.

We think it’s a battle worth fighting! We hope you do too!


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