Salem Adds Julie Hartman Fulltime


Newly graduated Harvard University student Julie Hartman has signed a deal with Salem Media Group. The agreement involves work with the company’s Podcast and Radio Networks and the Salem News Channel.

“Julie represents a new generation of young media professionals, and we are adding some to the Salem platform, proving that even at Harvard you can come out a conservative if you keep your wits about you,” said Phil Boyce, SVP of Spoken Word. “Her story is compelling and even riveting and will probably be a book and a movie someday.”

Hartman was a regular guest on The Dennis Prager Radio Show, explaining how college students are indoctrinated with liberal philosophies in colleges across the country, including Harvard. Salem noticed her and hired her as a substitute host on the program, later doing a weekly podcast called “Dennis and Julie.”

“I am honored that Salem Radio Network has entrusted me with this responsibility,” said Hartman. “Finding Dennis Prager’s work and getting to know him has illuminated my life’s vocation. Because of him, I’ve been able to collaborate with many other remarkably talented people at Salem. My generation needs courageous, independent, truth-telling voices. My goal is to be among the best of them.”


  1. (Dennis) Prager University, an unaccretided “university”, openly inculcates their students to a right wing Christian Taliban mindset. That’s their “right” (no pun intended), yet the likes of Hartman accuse mainstream universities of supporting liberal thinking. Seems like a major contradiction.

  2. “Courageous, independent, truth telling voices” ?? — is she saying that seriously? The right
    wing Republican Christian Taliban radio hosts certainly in no way fit that description!! Neither do far left advocates. …


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