Crowley Misinforms


Shortly after the hearing yesterday the musicFIRST Coalition sent out a press release praising the committee for taking a “massive step toward true music fairness.” Crowley then went on to misinform his followers.

The former Congressman went on to say that he was disappointed that not a single broadcasting company chose to appear at the hearing. The fact is Bustos Media CEO Amador Bustos requested a seat at the table so he could share his thoughts on how these proposed fees would impact minority-owned radio stations. Bustos tells Radio Ink he was told no thank you.

You can read Amador’s op-ed piece in Radio Ink about this issue HERE which was put into the Congressional record by a committee member.



  1. MusicFirst likes to make this an artist issue, but this royalty isn’t only about artists. The royalty also goes to the record labels, and MusicFirst is funded by those record labels. How many record labels attended the hearing? Why weren’t they there to explain their financial hardships? Maybe they could explain their 360 deals to the congressmen.

    I thought it was interesting how open the Musician’s Union rep was to dialogue. The other music industry reps could learn from him. Where was SoundExchange at the hearings? They would collect this royalty. MusicFirst has demonstrated that they’re not open to negotiation. They just want to impose their will on others. That’s not the way to get things done. Congress understands that. This bill is dead in the water.


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