Former Detroit DJ Killed


Art Vuolo tells Radio Ink that former Detroit DJ John O’Leary was murdered in his home over the weekend. He was stabbed to death, allegedly by a roommate, according to police. O’Leary lived in Detroit’s Highland Park. O’Leary was 68.

O’Learly worked at WWWW (W4), WABX, WLLZ, and most recently at WCSX all in Detroit.  He also worked in Windsor, Ontario at CIMX (89X), WIQB Ann Arbor and at WILS-FM Lansing, MI.  He was a voice-over talent at Babo Productions and the Radio X Network.


  1. I was born and raised in that part of Michigan and have fond memories of the legendary Detroit rock stations of the ’70s and early ’80s at which O’Leary worked: WWWW (W4), WABX, WLLZ (“Wheels”, a la the auto industry) and WCSX. There was also the WRIF (“Riff”) rocker.

    Rest in peace, John. It’s tragic that you had to exit this world this way. Thanks for the rockin’ good times.


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