Ideas = Dollar$


(By Rick Fink) How do you get advertisers to invest more money with you or renew with a rate increase? How do you get that hard-to-sell prospect to consider adding your station?

It’s really simple – just come up with an IDEA and present it! Every day, business owners and managers drive to and from work thinking, “How can I grow my business?”

They’re looking for IDEAS; small ideas, medium ideas, and BIG IDEAS. Ideas that make sense for their business. The bigger and better the idea, the more they will invest.

If we are asking for more dollars (increased frequency) or asking for a rate increase (just because it’s renewal time), your chances for pushback and resistance are greatly increased. However, with a well-thought-out “IDEA”, you’ll increase your chances tenfold.

Your IDEAS can be a campaign ad strategy, a musical image, an audio signature, a promotion or event promoting a specific product or area of their business, or a new positioning statement or slogan. It can be anything that benefits THEM, and not you or your radio station. Your summer car giveaway might be your station’s biggest promotion of the year, but it must be presented from the advertisers’ perspective to increase your chances of selling them.

We suggest you view every proposal before it goes out the door to ensure it has a customer-focused “IDEA”. Selling “radio” can be challenging; selling ideas is easier, and selling BIG IDEAS… easier yet! After all, all business owners want are IDEAS on “How to GROW their business”.

Stop selling radio and start selling ideas!

NEVER Stop Learning – Get Better Every Day!

Rick Fink from ENS Media ( can be reached by phone at 605-310-2062 or e-mail at [email protected]


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