musicFIRST Press Conference Today


Today at 11AM, musicFIRST Chairman Joe Crowley is hosting a virtual press briefing. The organization says it’s to discuss growing support for “music fairness.” He plans to show off the results from a musicFIRST national poll and discuss their path to battle the radio industry to get radio to pay for music airplay.


  1. So let’s get this straight. They conducted a poll and the results say exactly what they want. Gee, how did that happen? Who believes this poll, and what difference does it make? They want a federally approved royalty.

    Some questions for Joe: Why did MusicFirst turn down the NAB offer ten years ago? Why hasn’t MusicFirst attempted to negotiate with the NAB over this? Why the grandstanding with a useless poll? Why won’t the foreign record labels sign on to the deal being offered by iHeart? Why wasn’t this included in the Music Modernization Act?

  2. At this radio needs to stop playing these and focus on great small and even local music People that WANT their music played. We pay enough already

  3. This is such a load of crap. This has nothing to do with getting “radio to pay for music.” Radio already pays. Radio pays everyone the law requires them to pay. There is no question about that. What this is about is getting Congress to grant the recording industry a new royalty. One that has never existed in this country before. There is no “battle” with radio. The battle is with Congress, and Congress isn’t very interested in forcing American owned businesses to pay millions of dollars to foreign record labels. The recording industry had their shot when they got the Music Modernization Act. That was passed, and Congress is now done with the music industry.

    • Exactly.

      At this point, the special interests that musicFIRST represents have crossed over to outright greed. As you say, radio already pays the music industry enough.

      The teet ain’t getting any bigger for ya, record labels!


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