Post Apocalyptic Podcast


‘Aftershock’ is the new scripted podcast from Nomadic Engine and Salmira Productions. It takes place in the wake of the largest earthquake in U.S. History that has left LA in ruins and a just appeared island off the coast.

The author and star of the series is Sarah Wayne Callies.

“I’m an island girl, raised in Hawaii and this is my story about what it might look like if a new island appeared – who’d go there and why, what they might be running from, what they might be drawn to,” said Callies “It’s been wild, making ‘Aftershock’ – recording in the pandemic – everyone gave their whole hearts, it was amazing. ‘Aftershock’ is the first thing I’ve written, directed, produced and starred in, and I’m so grateful to this cast – and the entire creative team.”

The 10-part series will debut with two episodes on July 14, with one new episode posting each week. Following the last episode, there will be a special roundtable discussion episode with the cast on September 15.


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