Eleven More Reps Sign LRFA


    On the heels of the proposed American Music Freedom Act by Representatives Ted Deutch and Darrell Issa, the NAB announced Monday that 11 more members of the House of Representatives have signed on to the Local Radio Freedom Act. Radio needs 100 more signatures.

    With 535 total members of Congress (435 in the House and 100 in The Senate), Radio has a head start on Deutch and Issa’s plan to hit stations with a royalty fee. The Local Radio Freedom Act which the NAB has to start over with with every new Congress already has a total of 167 signatures, 149 in the House and 18 in the Senate. The magic number is 218 House reps which would give the NAB a majority in that chamber.

    Deutch and Issa’s proposed legislation would require radio’s biggest companies to pay royalties for playing music on their stations. Smaller stations would pay a flat fee.

    The LRFA is a resolution in opposition of any new performance royalties on radio for music airplay. It’s important for managers to explain to their representatives in Congress what the LRFA is all about and encourage them to sign on. The NAB can’t do it all.



    1. OK, I’m ready to chime in and reach out to my Rep’s and let them know about the LRFA…..but, I really don’t have time to dig through the cesspool of the internet to try and find the answers.
      Where can we find out the truth about this resolution so that we can speak from an informed position, rather than what happens on most MSM broadcasts?


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