You snooze you lose.


(By Laurie Kahn) Wow, what a roller coaster talent acquisition has gone through.

A few years ago, the biggest challenge was how to hire and keep a Millennial. Then we saw a huge drop in unemployment which created a shortage of all prospective candidates, which quickly jumped into the pandemic when many radio employees were laid off. Now there is a nationwide shortage of employees across all industries at a time when those of you who employee a high number of Boomers are dealing with their upcoming retirement.  While many of you are enjoying the revenue of airing recruitment ads, a top category in ads today, you still may find yourself in needing to hire additional staff.

If you find yourself also struggling to hire, here are some things to think about:

  1. In a high amount of ‘noise’ you need to make sure your message is being heard. Quit talking about what YOU want in an employee and share what you can DO for your employees. Discuss culture, training, benefits, support and of course the fun of being in the entertainment business.
  2. If you get a lead on a qualified candidate, be prepared to move quickly. Job seekers are not patient and will accept a job that sounds right. Studies show that they are employed within two weeks of posting their resumes.
  3. You must treat prospects as you would a potential client. If your seller made a presentation and then waited for the buyer to get back with next steps, and never checked in, you would not be a happy manager. The same works for how you should treat prospective employees. Do not wait for them for the next step, you need to be more in control and pursue them just as you would a client. You should ensure your hiring managers are following up, asking the right questions, and keeping the prospect interested until you can get a decision made.
  4. Once a prospect has accepted another job, don’t forget about them. Inquire what job they took and why, look for a way to switch pitch them. Put on your calendar to regularly check in as there will be a time that they decide to make a move. If you have that relationship built, and you are top of mind as a company they would like to join, it will make that hire easier.
  5. Ask happy employees to post positive comments on your Glassdoor page. Share fun things you are doing on your LI and other social media pages. Get known as the place to work in your community.
  6. Consider signing bonuses after they stay for a pre-designated amount of time. Talk it up just as you should be for your referral programs.

Employees are a crucial part of your success. Your talent acquisition needs as much attention as your programming efforts. Just don’t snooze on a good prospect as if so, you will probably lose them. Time is of the essence!

Laurie Kahn is the creator and founder of Media Staffing Network. She can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]


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