Conrad Scores His 7th Wrestling Podcast


Westwood One Podcast Network and Conrad Thompson have come up with another program focusing on professional wrestling. My World with Jeff Jarrett episodes will be available Tuesdays.

“For years I’ve been asked, ‘If I could do a podcast with anyone in wrestling today, who would it be?’ And I’ve always been consistent that one of those names is Jeff Jarrett,” said Thompson. “If Jarrett’s life was a movie script, nobody would believe it. I can’t wait to dive into Jeff’s story and hear directly from one of the most accomplished and controversial people to ever be in the wrestling business. My World is a can’t-miss podcast.”

Conrad Thompson does it again, delivering another unmissable show with a wrestling superstar, said Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing at Cumulus Media and president of Westwood One. “Jeff Jarrett is wrestling royalty and has lived a fascinating life  our
listeners wildevour the stories he shares on his new podcast.” 

“The King of the Mountain and the Podfather finally coming together,” said Jarrett. “I’ve been aware of Conrad for quite some time now, and he’s obviously a skilled interviewer with great passion for the wrestling business. He not only does his homework but asks the questions the fans really want to know the most.”


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