Radio Thoughts From Across The Pond


(By Buzz Knight) It’s always fun making a journey to another country to experience media consumption as a consumer rather than a consultant. With that usually comes an observation or two worth sharing that hopefully will inspire or advance some of your current thinking.

On my trip to the UK – London and Scotland specifically – here are some thoughts on radio:

#1 – Radio is still marketed to a mass market. We saw this colorful outdoor marketing campaign for this radio station multiple times. It was present on big billboards and inside one of the big transit stations in the center of London.

Buzz Billboard 1

#2 – Personality being promoted in a radio brand is part of the strategy. Good to see personality being treated as an asset. Check out this bus side that we saw.

Buzz Billboard 2

#3 – Radio brands advertise where they broadcast from. See the above bus side which emphasizes the “Live from Scotland.” Their version of live and local but with a national twist.

#4 – I heard a national brand called “Smooth” stopping down in Afternoon Drive for a concise news and weather break during a three-minute stop set. Kind of made the audience feel caught up on the day’s events without overdoing it.

#5 – The concept of National brands seems a necessity based on country geography, but it begs the question of how such a strategy could be replicated in the US and how could owners benefit from this with their respective business models.

Overall, it’s great seeing radio embraced as a medium in the UK. I think many points should make their way back across the pond.

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