Host Tats Up…Then Gets Fired


WIL St. Louis host Mason Schreader got a tattoo of the radio station he worked for one week before he was fired. Schreader hosted mornings on the “Mason & Remy Show” with Zachary Hoesly. He posted this picture to Twitter with the comment: “Hahahahahhahhahahhahahha I just got fired.

Schreader was hired as part of the duo with Hoesly in 2018 from Chicago. Hoesly is keeping his job. Before Chicago the team worked at WIL’s rival STL station, KSD-FM. They worked the afternoon drive at WIL for two years before being moved to mornings in May 2020.



  1. He needs to file a lawsuit about the tattoo. No to make money, but to earn media. Elevate your brand and back it up on every social platform. This is a unique situation, an dyes 15 minutes is better than most ‘DJ’s’ who never get 1 minute, because back-selling songs and telling people to go to the website is not talent. I hope he parlays this into something fun and different.

  2. I feel so badly for him. I could have told him- even if you own the radio station- nothing is permanent.


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