Connoisseur’s WPLR Turns 50


WPLR (99.1 FM) will turn 50 years old this Thursday and the station will spend the whole weekend honoring the music and personalities that have made the station so legendary.

“There are so few stations in the country that have kept the same format for this long,” said Vice President of Programming Keith Dakin, “PLR’s longevity and success is truly a testament to the ongoing power of local rock radio”.

Thursday, during Chaz and AJ in the morning, at 7am, New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker will proclaim April 29th WPLR Day in New Haven. At 8:30am, Governor Ned Lamont will do the same for the state of Connecticut. The station will then highlight a different year in music history each hour through Sunday night. Throughout the weekend celebration, a number of previous PLR’s DJ’s will share their favorite memories of the station.

An archive page of audio, video and photos has also been set up online to help celebrate.  A TV commercial has also been produced and you can watch it HERE.

“99.1 PLR has such an incredible history and I can’t think of any better use of our airtime this weekend then to celebrate and recognize the work and contributions of those who came before us,” said Senior Vice President/Market Manager Kristin Okesson, “There are so few stations in the country that are as attached to their community as PLR is. This is truly a tribute to a legendary station that I am honored to be a part of”.


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