Report: Rogan Losing Ground To The Daily


According to Media Monitors, which fielded a study of podcast listeners from March 14th to March 31st, The New York Times podcast The Daily is gaining on Rogan who moved over to Spotify exclusively at the end of last year. Here are the top 25 shows from the Media Monitors survey…

On the publishing side, iHeartRadio and NPR tied, according to the study, each with 12 podcasts in the Top 200 chart. iHeart’s resurgence from Q4 of 2020 comes with the launch of a number of new shows including Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin (#64) which premiered with iHeart in January. Another newcomer to the Top 200 is iHeart’s Hell & High Water with John Heilemann at #180.

Media Monitors says participants 18 and older were screened on whether they had listened to a podcast in the last 7 days, then asked to list the podcast titles. Participants were encouraged to consult their podcast app of choice during the survey. These unassisted responses were then individually matched back to unique RSS feeds which were polled to collect information about genre and publisher.


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