Political Talk & Cartoon Partnership


Political Voices Network and Counterpoint are working together on a service that will combine political talk and political cartoons. The service will be a one-stop-shop for the latest from America’s top opinion humorists.

Political Voices Network is an audio-and-video destination for political talk from popular hosts. Counterpoint, is a source for the latest political humor from top opinion cartoonists.

“We are excited to work with Political Voices Network and Crossover Media Group in a mutually beneficial relationship that can help take Counterpoint to the next level,” said Nick Anderson, cartoonist and Counterpoint’s Executive Director and co-founder. “Cartoons have pushed the national political conversation forward—with good humor. Our aim is to foster a balanced, approachable, and entertaining debate over the most important issues in our country today.”

“One of the most enduring and popular aspects of political opinion and commentary has been that great and especially American tradition of the political cartoon,” said Ron Hartenbaum, Political Voices Network co-founder. “The combined objective for Counterpoint and Political Voices Network is to expand both the audience for this top-flight creative content and fan sponsorship and support of this format.”

Crossover Media Group Sales to will handle advertising and sponsorship.


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