Bob & Sheri Losing Charlotte Station


After 29 years on WLNK in Charlotte, Radio One is taking the station in a different direction and will no longer carry the Bob & Sheri show after this month. Here’s what Sheri had to say about losing Charlotte.

Sheri Lynch said, “We are actively looking for a new Radio home in Charlotte. We love our listeners across America and around the world. Charlotte is home and will always be special. We want our fans to know they can continue to listen to us via our daily podcast, our off-air Oddcast, as well as streaming 24/7 at”

Tony Garcia, who together with Lacey and Lynch owns NOW! Media, the company that syndicates Bob & Sheri, said, ““Charlotte is home for Bob & Sheri and WLNK was the springboard for their amazing success story. As we talk with broadcasters in the Charlotte Radio market, who want to connect with Women in a relevant and unique way, we will continue to serve AC, Classic Hits and Hot AC affiliates in 70 markets, engaging their listeners on-air, online and via Social Media.”

The show is heard on 70 stations across the country.


  1. I was shocked to hear that Bob & Sherry was no longer o 107.9!! I have been listening to them for years and always loved the people that called in with excellent stories. WLNK has lost me as listener!! Good luck to the two of you, I did managed to find your show on 104.7. Thank goodness!

  2. Recently my work schedule changed and I was too excited knowing I could catch Bob & Sheri on my way to work! I was horrified to turn on my radio and there was no Bob and Sheri. I was speechless…so so disappointing. Those two saved me many times when I thought all hope was lost. Hear this 107.9 your days are numbered and gloom is coming down on you! Whoever made this decision needs their head examined…107.9 is officially toast with me!

  3. I was stunned by this decision and cannot begin to under what management was thinking. So happy that the Bob and Sheri Show found a new home. I’m not much for radio programs, but their wit and the great chemistry of the entire show’s “family” – and it truly does feel like one – have kept me a fan for years. 107.9 just went from my go-to to my won’t-go.

  4. Worst decision ever to drop Bob and Sheri! Been listening to Bob and
    Sheri the whole 29 years. Also a side note- Bob should be in WBT radio’s
    Hall Of Fame just like John Hancock, etc. He spent his whole life between
    the radio and TV stations. Just saying! I hate it for Matt and Ramona because
    now they will go head to head and have to compete for listeners in the same time
    slot. They are great also, should have left a good thing alone! Carol Maiden N. C.

  5. I will no longer listen to your radio station for any of your shows. What a mistake! Jim, a former loyal listener.

  6. The Link has lost another listener. The Link has made a ghastly mistake! Screw Them!! Can’t wait for Bob and Sherri to be on 104.7!! Best News of the Day!

  7. Of all the changes people have had to make in the last year this is one of the worst decisions anyone could have made. Been listening to Bob an Sheri for years. I can’t wait to see who picks them up on their station it will certainly be the best decision another station will make. Until then I’ll find where to listen to them. Best wishes to the WLINK but you did this to yourself. Got to support what’s good in life you know..Matt an Romania need to follow where Bob an Sheri go because listeners are going to leave and you guys just go with them as the evening show..wLINK is going to damage your career by doing this to Bob an Sheri you two would be much better off supporting them rather than trying to fill shoes that just can’t be filled. Respect and support is far better than the dollar bill in this world right now. Look at your numbers of listeners..and make a wise decision..just saying.

  8. I’ve been listening to you guys since my son was 5 and now he is 18, Well I just told him you guys aren’t on 1079 anymore and he said that’s sucks,stupid and why? We can not wait to hear you guys again! I don’t listen to 107.9 any longer. You both was my morning show either at bus stop or headed to work

  9. who was the airhead that came up with this idea – I have been listening to Bob and Sheri for more years than I can think – you have not moved on to something better if that’s what you think – oh well!

  10. I will not be listening to 107.9 WLNK anymore since you have taken The BEST OF THE BEST Bob & Sheri off the radio. I have been listening to them for years and always looked forward to my drive into work listen to them. I will follow them wherever they go. I hope whoever made this decision realizes how many lives you have effected- in a NEGATIVE way!!! Good bye 107.9 WLNK!!!

  11. My opinion, I realize as a corporation changes will be made. However, canceling Bob & Sheri was the worst mistake for this radio station. Do you even realize how many people listen to their show????? In this crazy mixed up world today, Bob & Sheri
    were always a constant go-to for many listeners. Will DEFINITELY NOT be listening to WLNK 107.9. Wishing Bob & Sheri the BEST life has to offer. Waiting patiently for them to find a new radio station where they will be appreciated. All things happen for a reason, Bob & Sheri will find a bigger and better place! Goodbye to my longtime radio station, no more WLNK 107.9 for this girl……

  12. Nothing against Matt and Ramona but I’ve been a listener of the Bob and Sheri show for years, hate to hear this news, and I do not like the “ new” music you are playing, as for Bob and Sheri I will follow you wherever you go❤️

  13. Seriously?? Bring Bob and Sheri back!!! Matt and Ramona Show, was once a tremendously funny show. When they stopped taking callers, it lost a lot of zing. Way too much music. I feel the LINK has shot itself in the foot.

  14. Goodbye WLNK/Radio One! You are OFF my settings. Bob & Sheri was my preferred show. Matt & Ramona are annoying. My next favorite radio program will be WHEREVER Bob & Sheri are!

  15. I don’t know what moron made this decision. It was the only show I listened to at this station. The Matt and Romonia is so stupid it is not worth listening to!!! I am hoping Bob and Sheri find a new home in Charlotte. I will delete this station from my radio.


  16. This is by far the worst decision WLNK has ever made. Bob & Sheri saved this station! Not sure who made this decision, my guess is you’ll be out of a job in a few months.

  17. this is the worst.I have listened to them for years . They have got me started for the day and made my hard times brighter each day. I look forward each morning for their show. As far as see it there is no radio show like them . I wish them the best. I hope somehow I will still be able to listen to them.I have always liked the music that is played on there. I guess i want be listening to this station any more after they leave.

  18. Yikes. Considering WLNK is dead last in adult-leaning music formats and they’re letting go of the morning show that practically printed money for them for years and years, I’d have to expect a format flip. That’s stunning.


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