Report: Fans of Bubba Force Tampa Man to Flee


The Tampa host calls his listeners The Bubba Army. And, Nicholas Tabachuk tells the Tampa Bay Times those listeners forced him to leave Florida after his name was revealed in the Nielsen ratings tampering scandal with Bubba The Love Sponge. Tabachuk has filed a lawsuit against the ratings form for revealing his identity.

Tabachuk filed the suit in Pinellas County court alleging Nielsen promised to keep his name a secret but made it public anyway. Tabachuk was a PPM panelist when the scandal broke back in 2015. Nielsen accused Bubba of paying a panelist several hundred dollars per month to listen to his show. Nielsen filed a lawsuit against Bubba, which was eventually settled out of court.

Tabachuk said he never would have come forward if he knew Nielsen would release his name. The paper reports that Tabachuk claim he and his family were harassed by Bubba’s fans with death threats, rape threats and stalking, hacking his social media accounts, showing up to his home and the home of his parents. He said he was forced to move his family to a remote, mountainous region outside of Florida.

Both Bubba and Nielsen did not comment in the Tampa Bay Times story which you can read HERE.


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