LRN Responds: Westwood Can’t Take The Competition


On Wednesday evening Local Radio Networks issued a statement regarding the patent infringement suit filed by Westwood One. The company says the “claims are legally and factually baseless and intends to vigorously defend against those claims.”

LRN says the company was launched in 2015 by radio station owner Steve Swick and the company developed and uses its own technology and built its business station by station and format by format.

LRN says this is all about competition. “Six-years after LRN’s successful launch in 2015, Westwood One is apparently giving up on trying to fairly compete and instead is trying to now use the courts to do what its programmers, engineers and affiliate sales people could not do.”

LRN said it will not be bullied by a corporate radio Wall Street giant attempting to disrupt its much smaller competitor LRN and its superior team, technology and products.


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