5 Reasons Radio Should Still Cover The Weather


(By Gary Berkowitz) In discussions about the weather, I hear many programmers say they no longer want to do it, since everyone can get it on their phoneor online. With that in mind, here’s my argument why I think weather belongs on the radio, now, more than ever.

#1) Weather affects everybody. Every demo. What could be more mainstream content?

#2) Weather is local. If you truly believe that local matters, well, you know the rest…

#3) If people are going to their phones to get weather, what does that tell you? It tells me that weather still matters. Let’s not push them to another media.

#4) It allows your talent to communicate with listeners about something they care (and talk) about.

And finally….

#5) Local TV stations (and networks) invest millions in weather tracking equipment and meteorologists. Do they know something we do not?

So, if you agree, get those weather jingles out (preferable one-punch) and let’s go!

Gary Berkowitz specializes in ratings improvement for AC and Classic Hits radio stations. He can be reached at (248) 737-3727 or [email protected]


  1. Best liner heard in a long time here in Charlotte: “We play anything…’cuz we didn’t think you’d listen if we just played nuthin’.)
    Obviously, they’re talking music, but I agree on the wx and any other “content” that can enhance the listener’s connection with the outside world if they’re cooped up at the office (home office included). If the audience trusts that you’ll bring them anything they really should know between the songs, you win!

  2. We built a number one radio station using weather. We had the first private weather radar in our market, the second weather radar in our market (TV finally got theirs), and today, one of our jocks is a degreed meteorologist. You can be some people’s favorite radio station if they like your music, but to win, we want to be everybody’s second favorite radio station, and we do that through service that they need. Our severe weather coverage is second to none. Everybody talks about the weather … radio should too!

  3. Everyone can get music through their phone or online, so radio stations shouldn’t air music. Everyone can get news through their phone or online, so radio stations shouldn’t air news. Everyone can get sports through their phone or online, so radio stations shouldn’t air sports.
    So if your radio station isn’t going to air programming because it’s available elsewhere, what are you going to air?


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