Megatrax Makeover


Megatrax, an independent production music library, is introducing a new brand identity with a new logo, renewed brand mission, and a newly developed music search platform. The makeover for the 30 year old company was a two year process.

“The culmination of over two years of work by teams across the globe, the new Megatrax website and rebrand is finally ready for launch. This new website represents the largest and most ambitious initiative in our company’s 30-year history and promises to be a game-changer for the production music industry,” said Ron Mendelsohn, President.

“We based our brand overhaul on extensive market research and client interviews; the outcome being ‘Greatness through Simplicity’ – our mission to offer a modern, seamless and intuitive user experience through every step of the music search and discovery process,” said James Clarke, Director of Marketing. “The new site is much more than just a cosmetic overhaul; the platform offers powerful new functionality, including a vastly improved search system and A.I.-based audio matching search technology.”

Using the Simpli A.I. engine clients are now able to drop a YouTube link into the search bar, or upload an audio file, Simpli will analyze the audio and deliver the closest matches from an extensive catalog of music.


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