How Well Do You Do…What You Do?


(By Rick Fink) It’s been well noted that business owners wear many hats. But, what about media reps?

Yes, we sell advertising, but the process of selling advertising and maintaining clients has several steps. Each of these steps requires its own attention and not every person is GREAT at every step. While a rep may be strong at creating ideas, making the presentation, and closing, they may struggle with prospecting, cold calling, and upselling. A perfect media rep would be strong at each step of the media sales process, but… is there such a thing as a “perfect rep”?

There are approximately nine steps in the advertising sales process. Identifying these steps and rating your reps or yourself in each area will help you identify the weakest areas and ultimately show where we can improve in order to go from Average to Above Average, or from Very Good to Excellent.

Step One: Prospecting
Step Two: Cold Calling / Asking for the Appointment
Step Three: 1st Meeting / CNA
Step Four: Strategy Session / Creating Ideas / Creative
Step Five: Creating the Proposal
Step Six: Making the Presentation to the Client
Step Seven: Closing
Step Eight: Service after the Sale
Step Nine: Upselling / Renewals

Note: Some steps may be combined or separated.

On a scale of 1-9, with 9 being extremely good and 1 being extremely poor, rate yourself or your individual media reps on each area of the selling process. There is no 10 for a reason. In my 35 years, I have never met someone that is perfect in any area.

Once completed, add up the total points. You have now identified the weak areas and know where to focus your training so that we can help them improve.

Media Rep Rating System by ENS Media
69 – 81 Points: Excellent or Elite
64 – 68 Points: Very Good
58 – 63 Points: Above Average
48 – 57 Points: Average
47 and Lower: Below Average

Even the slightest improvement in two or three of these steps can take someone from a “below average” rep to an “average or above average” rep, and a “very good” rep to an “excellent” rep. Then, the billing will follow

Rick Fink at ENS Media ( can be reached by phone at 605-310-2062 or by e-mail at [email protected]


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