Bonneville…Doing Much More Than Normal Radio


Bonneville Salt Lake’s KSL Newsradio and FM100.3 teamed up to produce an original Christmas show that is a nod to old-time radio and features performances from their hosts.

The original Christmas tale centers around what happens after a man leans down to give a homeless man a dollar and discovers his best friend from childhood. The story is based on actual events and the real-life friends, Korey Hathaway and Michael Hansen participated in the production.

“We wanted to do something special this year because we know people need extra holiday cheer and this is the perfect story to deliver that,” said Sheryl Worsley, Director of KSL Podcasts.

“A City Sidewalk Christmas” aired December 17th and will air again on Christmas Eve on KSL Newsradio. FM100.3 will air the show December 20th at 10 P.M. Mountain Time. The show is also available as a podcast and will benefit KSL’s Quarters for Christmas which makes sure Utah kids are warm and comfortable during the winter months.



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