Nielsen: Host Read Ads in Podcasts Work


What works best for advertisers…recorded ads or host-read ads? The radio industry has always charged a premium for host-read ads because its a clear product endorsement by a host they love. Is it the same for podcasters?

Nielsen says it is because podcast audience is very engaged with the shows and hosts they listen to. Nielsen says that translates over to the advertisers. “That’s because the ads that hosts read drive more brand recall than non-host-read ads.”

Here’s how Nielsen says it put this research together. The company conducted an analysis to examine brand and content scores associated with different ad creatives and characteristics such as Ad Location, Ad length, Host Read vs. Non-Host Read Ads, and Brand Mentions. Survey respondents were presented with a simulated podcast/ad scenario. After listening to a podcast clip, participants respond to questions capturing Key Brand Metrics. The research firm says it has conducted more than 260 surveys across 240 brands.

Get more details HERE.


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