Here’s Why You Should Be Targeting Fast Food Chains


McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell are the top Fast Food chains on the radio this year, according to new data from Media Monitors. The research company says the fast food segment began its recovery in May because of their drive-thru capabilities.

Media Monitors CEO Philippe Generali as the weather gets colder this is a great opportunity for radio. “People still want to eat out, but don’t feel comfortable sitting inside. The best time to entice hungry diners is while they’re in the car, making radio advertising even more valuable for fast food marketers. With schools and other activities reopening, people are learning how to live with the virus, so they’re venturing out more. Fast food offers the flexibility to eat out but not have to dine inside a restaurant. This advantage, combined with the value of the meal, makes fast food just right for today’s pandemic economy.”

Here’s a look at the top fast food radio spenders…


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