What’s Going On With Michael Savage?


Savage posted to Twitter that he was done with radio and going to podcasting exclusively. We asked him what the story was but he pushed us off to his attorney Daniel Horowitz who would only tell us, “we have something brewing.”

Savage is syndicated by Westwood One. Karen Glover, Marketing Director for Westwood said the company has no comment.

Here’s Savage’s Tweet about leaving radio.



  1. This is a really good article. I recently came upon your blog and wanted to express how much I have liked reading your writings. After all, I’ll be subscribing to your feed and hoping to hear from you soon!

    • Mike is probably not the easiest talent for management to handle, especially big corporate radio. RIP The Savage Nation. 🙁

  2. Sir.Michael Savage I have been listening to you since age 13! I would listen to your show with my stepfather on our way home from school. I just want to thank you for instilling me with sense of knowledge. Thank you for being a vessel
    of knowledge. I’m now 31 petrified of what’s in store in for my generation. Thank you for being a patriot and always shedding light on the TRUTH!

  3. Savage is not as smart as he thinks he is … nobody is. His ego and disgusting personality make him intolerable to listen to. I don’t know what the problem is with conservative talk show people, they are a pretty nasty bunch. I tried to hold my nose and stomach savage for about a year until he ripped apart a young girl who had called the program with some questions. He used an opportunity to educate and enlighten a young woman as another chance to abuse in the name of his colossal ego.

    • Well, I did the same with the -CRAZIES FARLEFT LIBERALS New Outlets/Brainwashed Propaganda. All Lies and Overreacted Pampered Idiots. cnn Lemon, Once he used to be accurate talking about how blacks are lean to do not good things to put —it mildly—-what a change uh. They are the 90% and still complain 1 network that also lean to the left. So what’s the deal with these “Dictatorship” Blatantly Clear. There it goes America. Communist Dream. 🤔

    • Go crawl back into your hole and pull a leaf over it, then go sit in a corner, suck your thumb and cry!!!! You are “SICK”, man!!! Sick, Sick … “SICK”!!!

    • Bot missed the target. This was about Savage, not the Mira¢le Worker. ie: “My Wife and I paid off over $400,000 in debt in just 4 years on only $50,000 a year income! Thanks, Dave!” WT? you just rob some banks or threaten your creditors’ lives?

  4. i have listened to Savage since the beginning. He has mellowed alot. He is brilliant, has his own story telling style, but has huge jealousy problem. The feud between he and Hannity I never got. The program fill ins irritated me no end. He will be missed.

      • The golfer never said jack about a fellow host being banned by a western so-called democracy. The DJ turned talker didn’t deserve to have a good word said about him.

  5. Savage has a bad ego problem, plus the vicious remarks he said about Rush L. and his health problems, and to go someplace and die with dignity didn’t go over to well with radio listeners.
    The radio station got thousands of calls wanting Savage’s head on a platter and they got it, Savage was out of line with those kind of remarks.

  6. Wouldn’t listen when he wasn’t on himself. He changed a lot after heart attack, no more yelling…he had some comment like ‘be calm’ something like that he’d say aloud when he got agitated. I love(d) him but HATED the time off he took, realized when he stuck prior work into his ‘live’ show. I always feared calling in and being told off, but he’d never let callers finish he’d dismiss them and just carry on. He’s brilliant, and if I hated it when there were ‘fill ins’ I guess that’s a true ringing endorsement of him and his show. He’ll be missed for SURE.

    • Actually he really stopped yelling a long time ago on the advice of his doctor. He took it down another notch after the heart attack. Listen to pre-syndicated local shows on KSFO.

  7. people holwefuly will see the writing on the wall as this marks then end of free conservative radio. They will probably replace him with a pseudo conservative

  8. Savage is listenable, other conservative talk shows suck. Negatives are:his ego, the way he repeats things he said as if it’s all so amazing. If I want nutrition info I listen to Gary Null. Yes I do listen whenever Savage is on, but won’t pay for podcast.

    • repeating? He hardly ever brags on his education: “I have 3 PHDs and 9 Masters Degrees…from UC Berkeley.” Notice he never mentions University of Hawaii. It’s accredited, isn’t it? Wonder why.

  9. Wow Dave is really going for it!
    They just broke a bombshell story by accident, but no one sees the elephant in the room.

  10. I listened to Savage for some years on and off depending on the State I lived in and if he was on the air. I was absolutely DISGUSTED by a recent Twitter he released the day Rush Limbaugh opened up to his audience and voiced some of the concern about his Cancer and his impending date with death. Most people with nothing good to say would just leave it at that if they had a soul or even just a little common sense. Savage went on to tell his fans that he thought Rush was making a fool of himself. He chastened him to talk about his job and not his soon to be dead.
    I WILL NEVER AGAIN LISTEN TO MICHAEL SAVAGE. If I hear his voice even on a commercial I will turn it off. Savage showed his true colors and should feel shame, but he doesn’t.

    • A few months ago I would have laughed at your suggestion. However the last podcast I listened to he defended Nancy Pelosi. I’ve also heard rumors he privately often votes democratic,

      Sad thing is I’ve listened to him for years and yes he has made many good hours of anti-left attacks so maybe it doesn’t matter?

    • Almost every tv or radio personality has changed his/her name. I would too, if I was called Weiner, but you can’t hold that against the guy. What I can hold against him is that he sometimes pushes useless products such as supplements, which have almost no benefits for those who take them, and then he says: when you order, mention my name, because I want them to know who sent you! What he really wants is a kickback from the manufacturer for sending a sucker their way.

      I also didn’t like his comments about Rush.

      My last complaint is that he fights dirty when arguing on-air. He tends to resort to name-calling rather than logic when in the midst of a heated discussion. He won’t give his opponent the ability to explain their side of the argument, and will hang up on them Most of the time.

      Other than that, he is an interesting individual, who often introduces logical perspectives. He also is I unafraid to tackle difficult situations. He is also unafraid to give his detailed opinions on hot-button topics.

  11. Michael Savage has been the most honest radio show of all of them.
    He risked everything being so blunt. He has even slammed the president
    when he believes he is making mistakes.( His sin to Damn Honest )
    I give him more credit than all the others.
    Michael Savage is more like our President than all of them put together.
    Michael has The republican Swamp Media against him, and Donald Trump
    has the COMPLETE Swamp against him( Republican , Democrats , Media and
    the Super Elites around the world. (Oh and the traitors in Hollywood}

    • Trashing people out of jealousy and egomania is not “honesty”. Savage has gotten more and more erratic and bitter since Trump became President; his “criticisms” are also a complete sham, since he licks Trump’s boots as soon as he calls the show, then does a 180 on Trump and yells that he’s not the bootlicker, everyone else is. Everything you posted about conservative media, which is an echo of Savage’s claims, is him projecting onto everyone else.

  12. There is no way he’s the greatest mind in radio and he is super rude to people who are his own fan so that’s kind of stupid I wouldn’t call that great.

  13. It must be jealousy because Rush really didn’t go on and on about it. It was a very short.
    I try not to say anything bad about anybody but I just say to Mr Savage I hope that people show you the same dignity and compassion that you show others. You should be on the same team but obviously you make your insecurities and jealousies very apparent. It would have been much nicer for everybody to hear you wish him well as a brother in Radio. But I guess being dignified and showing goodnight and just not your thing.
    Judging by the comments and what people are saying it’s a real turn off.

  14. “Savage” is a moron. Intellectually, he doesn’t hold a candle to Limbaugh, Levin or Shapiro. He changes positions depending on the wind. A phony and a fraud.

    • You are 100% correct with everything you said. Savage is a phony and a fraud and a moron and suffers from deep emotional disorders.
      But to be fair….the guy stands 5’3″ and his name is Weiner…could you imagine in school the ‘little Weiner’ jokes, then add an overbearing father who was pissed that his kid WAS a little Weiner…the guy never stood a chance.

  15. Savage had his day. I think he did quite a service but was always jealous of Rush Limbaugh. Savage’s raw content and opinion and screaming were fun to listen to. He called out a lot of people. Just because of his comments about Rush, you can’t say that he was worthless when he was doing good.

    So with that being said, and I think I’m being fair, I now think Michael Savage is a worthless piece of shit and i’m totally done with him. Thanks for the good times Mike but many you really blew it at the end of your career. All of this is VERY disturbing!!!

    • That is a real riot. Thank you. A day without a laugh is a day without sunshine. Like my ex use to say, funny as a rubber crutch, or was it a rubber crotch. He will be back like in four years, after he recovers.

  16. What a pos, insecure egomaniac. Ehat ye said about Rush. The “phd in nutrition” who couldn’t steer clear of a geart attack. Thephd in nutrition” who takes every moment to remind you. The “phd in nutrition” who almost killed himself with a bad sloppy diet and got bumped for Ben Shapiro. The “phd in nutrition” who’s so blind to his own insecurity and arrogance and loneliness that he attacks his colleagues announcing they’re terminally ill. Go to hell, 78 year old savage.

  17. Michael Savage- you are one of the lowest life forms on this planet- your remarks on twitter yesterday regarding Rush Limbaugh’s monologue were lower than low. You sir, will get yours one day, and by the looks of you, one day SOON.

    Sad to say I’ve heard your show a few times on the radio.

  18. All the major talk-show hosts are self-serving massive egomaniacs (one of them has self-designated himself to be the great-one, another claims to own superior intelligence only using half his brain). Please give me a break will you? It is a money game. They really do not believe what they are saying – they are actors – just like in the movies – they only believe in how much money they can make by saying what they are paid to say and claim to believe. They claim to be anti-mainstream media? but actually the left and right are all in it together – Hey people, it is all part of the show for the purpose of keeping us entertained, controlled and distracted. Come on, this is not difficult to understand. How stupid are we? Let us try to guess why cry-baby Savage is leaving radio? He is 4th in the ratings despite his repeated preaching of how gifted and qualified he is – thinks he is number-one and is not getting as much money as his fellow-actors. No self-respecting egomaniacs should have to stand for such a thing. This happens in Hollywood all the time.

    • Connie, clearly tongue-in-cheek humor sails right past you. Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin are talking this way in part to irritate people just like you. Obviously, it works.

      “They really do not believe what they are saying” has been a common but easily dismissed trope of the critics for years. What you fail to understand is that these guys couldn’t keep up this “act” for 20 or 30 years if they were insincere. Audiences would have sensed that and abandoned them years ago. You can’t fake what they do — and if you do, you don’t last in the business. I’ve seen it.

      That said, if you worked in radio you’d know that it’s also very common to see jealousy, backbiting and pettiness among different radio personalities, especially on the local level. It just happens that Savage embodies this, but on a national level. His constant bitching and sniping at his competitors is a very bad look, and it is now causing him serious backlash.

    • is all of that worse than never mentioning your competition even after they defend you during MSM attacks about drug addiction, and when they were banned from a Western Ally over free speech? the others are the bigger dirtbags, only in it for profits, just a bit more polished than Savage

    • They do believe what they are saying but that does not matter. The point is that they are right! And we believe. You clearly are another hate-filled liberal.

      • are you sure? Rush ranted against blue jeans and rock music on the infamous PBS documentary, yet there are photos of him in jeans when he worked as a rock DJ at a yocal midwest station. Liar & hypocrite.

  19. I just came here in the wake of Savage’s completely classless, disgusting Twitter remarks about Rush Limbaugh. Here’s the bottom line, jerk: you just alienated millions of people. I don’t care about you, your dying radio show, your future podcast or your plans. You’re a petty, spiteful old man with no empathy. May your career die the painful death it deserves.

    • And by the way: I used to work in news/talk radio. Years ago we did a trial run of your show on News Radio 590 KLBJ, Austin, to allow listeners to listen to you and see if KLBJ should run your show. I was the person who took the calls and emails offering feedback. The listeners HATED you. Your show was rejected. In retrospect, they were right. They sense a phony and an a-hole when they hear one.

      • You’re talkin’ Austin, practically a California city in Texas, of course they H8Ted him…when they weren’t stuck on the computer in their room in their parent’s house or out rioting & looting.
        we know the type

    • Sorry to say, we are usually being gas-lighted by false prophets, hypocrite politicians or bull**** radio talk show hosts; it takes the mind of Christ to wade through it.

      • He seems pathologically jealous of anyone who is more popular or talked about than him. It’s almost like listening to Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners at times, with his ravings about how X stole everything from him. Ever since Trump became President, Savage’s show has slowly devolved into worse and worse radio.

      • Jealous. He hasn’t really gained anywhere close to the same success that they have.
        And like the other gentleman in the comment mentioned a lot of radio stations do not I want him will like him in there if listeners is don’t want him.
        I think he gained some of his popularity trying to be a shock jock but really just kinda turned people off I guess. I know the thing about the autism was really bad too.
        And going after Rush for terminal cancer is kind of cruel instead of wishing him well.
        People really don’t think that blatant nasty cruelty is really that funny I guess.

        • Controversy is what keeps these idiots in the money. They want everybody pissed off all the time. Stress is their hallmark, searching for truth and pretending to have it.

      • question is why did/do Rush, Levin, Hannity, and Shapiro H8T Michael Savage SO much they can’t even bring themselves MENTION him even when he’s banned from a western superpower over free speech taken out of context? Let him trash them, they’re all fakers including the late one.

    • Savage has become dangerous. He repeatedly feeds into the anti Vax crowd and rejects the usefulness of masks. He has become resentful of Ben Shapiro, of all conservative commentators that I find is truly bizarre.

  20. He has been try to do less time for three years long before heart attack .For years he was sneaking in past show segments in his regular broadcast and is only showing up part time and doesn’t feel the connection with his audience like Rush Mark and Sean who do 3hours a day with an occasional day off .Rush has cancer and does three hours where Michael does an exhausting two hours .He does not respect his Audience and is conning his listeners into thinking he has no Choice .He wants to do a podcast so he can do even less time and won’t have to deal with callers.

  21. He doesn’t like some other hosts because they have tried to drive him off the air. He would call The Wall hanger the worst human on earth for nothing. Most are not even conservatives. They we’re all against Trump in 2016.
    You have Savage and AJ. Savage does seem a little like he’s blackmailed lately.

    • Do you seriously believe that all these hosts are persecuting Savage? He’s been ranting about this for years yet never produced any evidence. It’s just his narcissism, self-promotion and jealousy talking. Or shouting.

      • it’s known that O’Reily then Hannity got management to ban him off Fox forever…they used to have him on, why not now?
        He burned the bridge with the former Tabloid TV Inside Edition guy who said his show was for effect, by calling him the Leprechaun.
        He irritated Sean by calling him Wallbanger, and saying he was a High School Dropout and used his Radio program as “Show Prep” for his TV show, suggesting if it weren’t for the heavily promoted TV show he wouldn’t rank on Arbitrons for radio at all.

  22. Before Savage there were others.He wasn’t the very first in the bay area. I miss, Gene Nelson, Jim Eason, Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgans KSFO, Bill Wattenburg, Brian Sussman and Brad and Katie on the KSFO morning show. There all gone now, Tom Leykis from L.A. Bob Brinker money talk. Radio is fading . I will listen to Savage if the podcast is no cost, his billionaire son can pay the tab. Savage was better when he was just local. He’s faded some,the last year or so, I guess from his heart attack. His show doesn’t sound the same. He has always been a good salesman and his pitch is getting tired. If you want to save California YOU must do it yourself , with assistance from others.

  23. I’ve never heard a more insecure person anywhere, really, but when you stand 5’3″…and your last name is ‘Weiner’….the poor guy didn’t stand a chance. Add to that an mean overbearing father and voila: you end up with Michael Savage. In Michael Savages world he is the big powerful all knowing man that everybody must look up to. Nobody is on his level. He wakes each morning with the aching reality that Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin each on their own have more listeners and generate more revenue and he can’t stand it. He begs Trump for attention and when he doesn’t get is when he turns on Trump, no matter what is going on in the world at the moment, if Trump is not paying close enough attention to Savage, Savage will relentlessly hammer Trump for making wrong decisions…no mater what they are, they are wrong because he didn’t consult Savage first. He is a truly sick little man.

    • Sid, You don’t have the work ethic or the intellectual know-how in your whole body that Dr. Savage has in his baby finger. No you sound like the jealous one and probably a liberal wacko to boot. At least on some level.

    • I agree with you Sid. Savage is just envious it seems to me. He is always bashing Hannity, Limbaugh, and Ben Shapiro. These guys are more successful than he is and he hates it.

    • I think some of you just don’t get Michael Savage. Sure, he has insecurities and talks smack about his competitors, but that is what makes Michael so unique on the radio. No other host is as real as Michael is. His intelligence, story telling, and ability to relate to his listeners is second to none. He dislikes those other guys because he feels they just carry water for Republicans instead of calling folks out when they do and say stupid stuff. I like Hannity, but is there anybody out there that doesn’t think he is repetitive and predictable? Michael is never predictable.

      • There is no basis for Savage’s claims about other talkers. I used to think there was something to it too, until I actually thought logically about it and realized Savage’s own hypocrisies and self-contradictions.

        As for your claim that Savage is just calling them out as “water carriers”, that has been proven wrong since Trump has been President. When those guys disagree with Trump, Savage bashes them as “disloyal backstabbers”. When they praise Trump, Savage bashes them as “bootlickers who will backstab him”. Savage wants to be the sole Trump fan and critic, a god among men.

  24. Savage can be brilliant at times but lately
    I’ve been finding him unlistenable. He doesn’t seem to really listen to his callers. He cuts some of them off.
    I don’t understand his petty hate for Mark Levin or other talk show hosts.

    • “Groucho Marx Grandmother on laughing gas” om!
      the “fake bomber jacket”
      problem was, when mike was #3 and the jealous lawya kept falsely claiming he beat mike in arbitrons, when he was just a yocal host, which was total bs…he probably took some age/sex segment he could rank higher or just flat out lied…that when Savage was on over 400 stations w TRN. that started the feud

  25. Enjoyed Savage until he started bashing other
    conservative hosts. He is extremely jealous
    of others success and abilities. I so
    enjoyed his knowledge of history, his humor and
    his skill as a debater. However, his constant
    need to be recognized and his conceit
    about his intelligence wore thin. Borders,
    language and culture is a fab and true
    concept that he could have taken to
    new heights if it wasn’t for his petty and
    constant derision of other conservative
    hosts. He is a great American with depth
    and insight and a million times better than
    arrogant, know it all, bugs bunny voice
    Shapiro. Levin and Savage constantly
    whine that others steal their knowledge
    and show material. I find this appalling.
    I am sure other conservative hosts
    have just as much knowledge, or more,
    and spend countless hours on show prep.
    I wish Savage all the best and he will be
    missed. Will listen to his podcast.

    • What are you talking about he is one of the most successful radio talk show hosts ever. His net worth is somewhere around 50 million not to mention his billionaire son. He has nothing to be jealous of. He has certain political disagreements with these other conservative radio hosts and he’s not afraid to bring it out. Him being banned from Fox News is a glaring blatant cop out to the left in not bringing his intellectual conservative political prowess to the forefront.

      • Where is the evidence that Savage was banned? He used to claim that Bill O’Reilly was personally banning him from Fox. Then when he left, he switched to blaming Hannity. Maybe Savage is just such a jerk with a short fuse that no one wants to deal with him?

        He did appear on Fox at least twice in the past. One time didn’t go well and nearly turned into a shouting match.

        • that’s exactly when he got banned. Do it Live went to his Boss Hannity who went to the Molochs who probably said oh he’s radio competition? Don’t give him any free advertising, ban him.

      • Yeah right. Hes an idiot who has never said anything intelligent . Well maybe once.
        He gets off I’m picking on autistic people and poor Rush with his cancer I guess if you’re some sick cruel jerk you think that kind of thing is funny but most of the world doesn’t. I can’t stand people who scream all the time either. What does he think he’s Bobcat? He’s tired probably from all the yelling he’s going to give himself another heart attack.

        • he didn’t pick on Autistic kids, he was talking about Prescription Drug Abuse by the Medical Establishment with help of lazy parents who don’t want to discipline and get the shrink to label them so they can drug them up. The MSM who have always H8Ted Mike took clips out of context and dog piled on the false narrative. read Dr. Peter Breggin’s work.

  26. Michael Savage is like the father I never had. So wise and such a beautiful love for America and the morals of the past. I pray to God that He will have mercy on this country and forgive us. Love you Michael!

    • Okay that was weird.
      You think he’s a saint for making fun of autistic children and for Rush with cancer? Wow.
      I don’t think he has as much money as people think he does maybe his son but not him.

  27. Savage basically tells the truth as best as he is allowed to do,in this now totally insane asylum,what used to be called,America.The republicrats,demicans,souless media,all despise him;this also includes fox news,who come across as loving America,as Savage does,but their love conservative,despise liberal views,are about as true,as my becoming president,and plainly speaking,the are as traitorous,as nbc,abc,cbs,npr,cnn,msnbc,so;he will be missed,because my trust in the media,only flows through most of his views.Limbaugh,vanity-hannity,levin,carlson,and all like them;can take their love of themselves,go to hell,and at least Michael Savage, can one day say personally to God;I did my best sir,while espousing my truest feelings and love;for America,the military,the veterans,American values from the once good old days,and my listeners,and despised the idiotic saying;you’re a great American.Yes,Savage is being forced out,after all the souless ghouls mentioned here,have truly sold America,down the rivers of anarchy,and pure socialism,yes;America is dead,and at least,Mr. Savage tried.

    • You are too pessimistic. All the talk radio hosts are solid, and part of the crusade to take back America from the vile Leftist Cult movement.

      We have a generation of struggle ahead to CRUSH the Leftist Cult, and remove their vile influence from our nation.

      The tea party was the shot over the bow. Trump is leading the first ass acc it wave, and remaking the republican party into the American Big Tent party.

      We have an entire war ahead of us to Crush the Left, virtually eradicate them from the American nation.

  28. Michael Savage is becoming extinct in his own life-time. He is a Dark Horse & the odd man out. He tells it like it is & no holds sparred. I love him, & I like him. He very much reminds me of my late atheistUncle Meyer who had his way no matter what; got things done like Doc Savage getting Trump to be our 45th beloved President.

  29. Just started listening to him recently. He’s not bad. Better than the usual Hannity and Levin who say the same thing every day

    • All the talk radio hosts are good, very good, actually. They all are different and have their own strengths and the occasional drawback.

      Try Dennis Prager for his morality view points, his life advice, such as his mem and women hour once a week. I believe he is trained as a rabbi, which I respect greatly.

      He is the best on giving the best overview on what I call the Leftist Cult……one day he noted that the Left is a Cult, and I was pleasantly surprised, as this is the best label for the Left.

      Savage is great. I think of him as the poet laureate of the Americanist movement.

  30. Dr. Savage is a renaissance man from a different time. His intellectual genius and practical perspective provides guidance at a time where there is no real leadership. He adds variety to his show instead of the old Republican/Democrat paradigm. I always learn something new from him. He is an independent thinker who cannot be boxed in by either political side nor bought and influenced by big media. He serves as mentor and big uncle figure to countless millions. He tells the truth whether politically correct or not. He has worked tirelessly to help salvage what is left of the American culture. God bless him and I only wish him the very best!

  31. Savage is great! AND entertaining!! He speaks his mind and in this “entitled ” world of snowflakes, people can’t handle the truth!

  32. To be fair he keeps himself off of Fox news. Would you invite someone over to dinner at your house that constantly calls you a stupid uneducated fool that doesn’t deserve your success? He has contempt for everyone and talks over everyone, including Trump AND his own kid. Lol. Seriously, he had the President of the United States on his show, Trump Jr., and his son after he sold Rockstar energy for 3 billion. He interrupted all of them. I just listened to him yesterday say that Trump mocked mask wearing during the debate, which is a lie.
    The point is, he’s not always truthful and he’s not always right. What you can always count on though, is that he will be angry and insulting to someone, usually his callers.
    And Shapiro brings in a bigger audience.

    • Shapiro is brilliant, and young.But, it is quite annoying as he clings to the remnants of his former Never Trumper attitude, making fun of Trump.

      Truth be told, many of us recognized Trump as ‘the Natural’ (similar to Redford in the baseball movie) when they first saw him in his rallies, as the leader who finally had arrived, and would fight to take back America from the viscious Leftist Cult, much like El CID led the Spanish Reconquesta of Spain, to drive the Muslims out of Spain.

      Most of the Never Trumpers, who fought against Trump in the 2016 primaries now realize their mistake, but some still retain vestiges of animosity to him.

      Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest American heroes and best presidents, for beginning the great war to rid our nation of the vicious, and anti American Leftist Cult.

    • No, he attacked Moloch’s stars after Mr. “We’ll Do it Live!” accused him of faking it and savage did a fast NY comeback which took Billy off guard. CNN and others had him on, but never saw Mike on Fox again after that.

  33. Savage tells the truth about what is really going on in our country.true American and Patriot the problem is no one wants to listen to the truth. He expose’s all these fake politicians who only interested in themselves and there pockets. Corruption at it’s best

  34. Michael Weiner (Savage) is not a nice person. He hates EVERYONE. RUSH, O’Reilly, Hannity, Levine – you name a person, he hates them. Have you ever listened to him constantly berate and talk down to his callers? He is not a dumb person. He has a HUGE Ego. I would occasionally listen to him. He is a VERY insecure person.

    • After a couple years, I entirely stopped listening to Savage after his immature attacks on Mark Levin…and his incessant poodle talk. I couldn’t take it anymore!

        • Lawya turned Talka
          Reminds me of Planes Trains and Automobiles
          Neal : All right, seventy-five dollars. You’re a thief!
          New York Lawyer : Close. I’m an attorney.

      • True. Savage is brilliant, but, his take downs of our other talk show Patriots is simply ridiculous, and undermining of the conservative movement to save our nation from the vile, totalitarian Leftist Cult.

        But, Savage is brilliant, and you’ll learn things once you get past the destructive parts of his ego.

    • Right on,I despise those souless bastards also.I thank God,for helping me with NOT conforming to either political party,and their traitorous views.America comes first,and the republicans,and democraps,reveal nothing but,greed,and lust,period.

  35. I think he loses ratings when he has a stand in host. I never listened when he wasn’t there.
    I listened because I wanted to hear him.
    How could he think I wanted to listen to a stranger?
    He was absent as much as he was there.

    • Savage has great ratings foo. When he scaled back from 5 to 3 per week when his health declined the network flipped out and he is not gonna take it anymore

    • Nope, he was the number 1 rated afternoon drive show in NY when they removed him for, cough, cough….Ben Shapiro. They just don’t want anyone who’s too anti establishment. That’s why he goes after the others, they all have the same agent and they also keep him off fox news.

      • To be fair he keeps himself off of Fox news. Would you invite someone over to dinner at your house that constantly calls you a stupid uneducated fool that doesn’t deserve your success? He has contempt for everyone and talks over everyone, including Trump AND his own kid. Lol. Seriously, he had the President of the United States on his show, Trump Jr., and his son after he sold Rockstar energy for 3 billion. He interrupted all of them. I just listened to him yesterday say that Trump mocked mask wearing during the debate, which is a lie.
        The point is, he’s not always truthful and he’s not always right. What you can always count on though, is that he will be angry and insulting to someone, usually his callers.


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