WGN Lineup Changes


A new afternoon show and the full-time return of John Landecker highlight a slew of changes at WGN Chicago. Steve Bertrand will host “Chicago’s Afternoon News” from 4 to 7pm and Landecker is back on radio to cover the 7 to 10pm time slot.

The new schedule, effective September 28, incorporates an expanded show for host Anna Davlantes, who will now be heard from 1 to 4pm.

“The importance of local news and information being shared by someone who is trusted by our audience is paramount during these challenging times,” said WGN Radio General Manager Mary Boyle. “Steve Bertrand has always been committed to reporting the news in a fair and thoughtful way. This afternoon news-oriented program led by Steve is a welcome addition to our WGN Radio weekday lineup.”

Landecker has been a fill-in at the station over the years. Landecker boasts numerous accolades, including inductions in the National Radio Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In May 2020, he was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Beginning September 28, WGN Radio’s weekday programming schedule is as follows:

5am – 9am: Bob Sirott
9am – Noon: John Williams
Noon – 1pm: Wintrust Business Lunch with John Williams
1pm – 4pm: Anna Davlantes
4pm – 7pm:  Chicago’s Afternoon News with Steve Bertrand
7pm – 10pm: John Landecker




  1. Since WGN has become a right-wing radio station with Rollye James and her callers, I have switched to WBBM. What a sad decline in the tone of WGN’s once interesting late night lineup.

  2. These right wing nutcases on here have ruined this station for me. Overnites are a total disaster..Wgn used to the best overnite and was a great comfort to many.. refuse to listen to this station unless someone changes this lineup back..Bye

  3. I agree with all comments above late nite on WGN is not what it use to be, if you are putting these other people on and doing reruns your cost cutting is loosing listeners, am now listening to other stations I never listened to another station in late nite until recently, bring back Nick Diggilo, Patty Vasquez, Steve and Johnny. We do not need to listen to all these politics at nite, we need more uplifting shows.

  4. Along with the majority of contributors here, I agree that WGN has made bad choices. I loved Nick DiGilio. He was so entertaining in the wee hours. Now the station features re-runs of daytime shows. Obviously, a cost-cutting move, but why listen to shows that you’ve already heard? I enjoy John Williams, but it feels as if he’s been orderef to downplay his political views. And, if that’s the case, why hasn’t Rollye James been given the same instructions? WGN had never been so right-learning. She has downplayed the seriousness of CoVid, and promoted thoughts of election fraud and Trump’s greatness. When callers have complained about her views, she’s told them to change stations. While I respect her knowledge of rock n roll history and radio, her politics piss me off. Love Dean Richards and Lou Manfredinni, I could do without Sinatra, classics and mortgage broker infomercials. What have you done to my formerly favorite station? Bring back Nick!

  5. I thought it couldn’t be only me, then read these reviews and do see I’m not alone. I’m a 50 wgn year listener, especially at night before bed, but can no longer tolerate the bitter, irritating, conspiracy theory promoting 10pm+ hosts that have been on for the past few months. These are the kind of angry humans who have fanned the flames and encouraged the insurrection that occurred on Jan 6, 2021. It’s dangerous rhetoric that WGN is enabling, that’s the worst of it. It’s just not enjoyable nor educational to listen to this station any longer. I love my city, Chicago, but WGN no longer feels like it belongs, is no longer my station. It’s so so sad.

  6. Rollye James is a disgrace. She truly believes that Trump really won the election. How could WGN replace Nick DiGilio with that conspiracy nut? Can’t stand her so switched to reruns of Joan Esposito’s show on WCPT. Glad I did. Joan is great. Very normal and insightful.

    • I agree. Nick was a 100% Chicago guy. Thanks for the tip about WCPT. Let’s hope that Nick lands back on the radio soon!

  7. I agree with so much of what was said before me. I really miss Nick at night. While this Rolley person seems to know her music, her conspiracy theories and her politics make me so mad I have decided to switch to another station. The only person I can listen to for any length of time is John Williams. I have been a faithful WGN listener up until now. You people have ruined my favorite station so it is goodbye until you bring some of my favorites back.

  8. WGN was the best. Really horrible to listen to now. Landecker sucks, the overnight Rolley James is brutal to listen to. What’s with the infomercials all weekend? Frank Sinatra all morning on Sunday? What an absolute joke that is. I listen to podcasts, WBBM, and music now instead of WGN, the formally great Chicago local radio station.

  9. I no longer listen to wgn. Bob is nice guy, but oh so boring. Same old stuff everyday. John I don’t listen to at all. Steve I can tolerate for a hour and then on to WBBM. John Records is okay Hedoes make me laugh
    Please fix what you broke. Look at your ratings now. Plus no Cubs anymore.
    Bad bad bad

  10. I never listen to WGN radio then one way I tuned in to the station(accidently) and Roe Con was on.To my surprise he was very enjoyable to listen to.So I started to tune in all the time.I truley do not understand why he was removed and replaced with a HoHum host.But I guess that is why the station managers get the big bucks,making these wise decisions.So wise they have lost a listener.Keep up with the good work.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the late night radio host. Her politics (bordering on support of conspiracy theories) make my blood boil so much that I can’t get back to sleep. Too much music. John Williams good but don’t need Repeat Williams. What a shame that a great talk radio station like WGN is sinking so low.

  12. WGN went from being a really great station worth listening to all day to a pile of old crap. John Landecker and Bob Sirot are old and out of touch and no longer funny. Three hours of Steve Bertrand is just too much. He is a great sidekick and news anchor, but his afternoon news show just is so dull. John Willams is okay, but how many hours a day is he on, including reruns and the horrible music show. And John Williams just isn’t as entertaining or as insightful as I am sure he thinks he is. I miss Bill and Wendy, Roe Conn, and even Nick Digilio.

  13. I agree with the crowd. Whoever is making these decisions appears to be more interested in cutting costs than building audience. Losing Nick from overnights was crushing, especially during these stressful times. He assiduously avoided the political and talk of the Covid epidemic, and that gave me a few hours to forget how awful everything is. I listened to Nick since he started as a fill-in. He had good guests, and made me smile- – not an easy task in these trying times. I listened to Roe whenever I could, and loved his show too. Do I want to listen to a human pop music robot spit out the entire history of U.S, radio every night, AND say that Trump is a great President? Nope, not one bit. Do I want to listen to recycled shows from earlier in the day? That also would be a no. Sunday Standards and Sinatra? That’s what Sirius is for. How sad that the far reaching wattage of the once formidable WGN has been reduced to this sad pile of mediocrity. I too will not be listening any more.

  14. I agree with most of the above comments. I don’t like the new format, especially at night. Way too many commercials and news. I have pretty much dropped the station except for some early Saturday and Sunday shows, including Lou Manferdini.

  15. I am so disappointed with all the WGN changes. I’ve listened for over 50 years. I love John Williams but reruns at night is too much. The weekend with Dean or Lou is about all I listen to now. Sinatra on Sunday morning for 3 hours is terrible! And why in the world are NFL games not dealing with Chicago on Sunday afternoons? Some of us listen to the radio for companionship. I absolutely hate all your changes. You are not being listener friendly!! Also miss Rick Pierson on Sunday and am now watching tv on Sunday mornings.

  16. If you miss shows like Ext720 with Milt, check out Dan Rea on WBZ Boston from 8-11pm weeknights. The topics switch to national politics typically after 9pm and you won’t miss WGN at all.

  17. No Great Dynasty ever prevailed over time. WGN Radio has decided to go the way of the Roman Empire. Gone………history…………was really something at one time. I’m old enough to know the difference, but now I’m in the waning population that knows what GREAT radio is.
    Its not WGN anymore. For something similar to the GREAT WGN radio one might wanna check out St Louis radio personality Dave Glover, been on air 20 years. Internet radio, you don’t need WGN for radio, it’s not good radio anymore. Explore Internet radio seek out the best.

  18. With the exceptions of John Williams, Steve Bertrand and Dean Richards, I have no reason to listen to your station. The manufactured shows in the weekend are glorified commercials, shoving annoying over-charging business owners such as Mega, Permaseal and mortgage lenders down our throats. Such a bad idea to get rid of Roe and Nick in particular. The R&B expert has shown her true political colors by promoting Donald Trump as an excellent president. I used to listen to WGN throughout the day and evening. I can’t any longer. You’ve ruined what was the greatest radio station for decades.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the late night radio host. Her politics makes, bordering on support of conspiracy theories, makes my blood boil so much that I can’t get back to sleep. Too much music. John Williams good but don’t need Repeat Williams. What a shame that a great talk radio station like WGN is sinking so low.

      • Totally agree about Rollie James and her cult-like appreciation of Trump and his followers. I’ve been listening since Wally Phillips and WGN has completely changed the tone of the station. All radios in the house and in the cars were always tuned in to WGN, but no longer. No wonder the CUBS decided to leave them.

  19. Congrats. You’ve successfully dismantled and destroyed the best radio weekday line-up on air. Other than keeping John Williams around I don’t understand any of the other moves. In 2020, WGN went from all day news and entertainment to all day snooze-fest, and I went from an all day listener to not listening at all. Even weekends. Sinatra???? Bye.

  20. For a Chicago radio station you don’t seem to be so “Chicago” any more. I miss my Nick at Night. I started listening to podcasts.

  21. Roe Conn has the rare ability to give objective background to issues. He succinctly gives insight in a lay person’s language. Then, he proceeds to have knowledgeable guests from all sides of an issue present the current conundrums people need to know about. He is always respectful, and is quick witted with a great sense of humor. He has so much information about an incredible variety of topics. He has no hidden agenda, nor does he merely parrot what so many others have already said on any given subject. The clarity he brings to complicated issues is apparent. I cannot believe he is so unappreciated at WGN. Big mistake on your part, in my opinion. I’m hoping another station will recognize what a gem he is.

  22. It’s strange for me to be hear and comment on a Radio stations line up but, I am in my car all day every day and listening to WGN is my daily routine.
    Although no one may care, I think Bob is fine in the morning. He is able to hold his own.
    John also can carry a show and is very entertaining.
    You lose me when it comes to Anna. I’m sure she’s a great person and has a name that everyone recognizes but, she can hardly carry a show. When listening and while interviewing people, it sounds as if she is on her phone reading texts from her kids. She doesn’t seem very engaged and can barely keep an interview going more than the first few standard introductory questions.
    Steve if nothing else is a safe bet. I have no problems listening to him but, as someone else commented you’re essentially running a all new show followed by more news.
    I think that the thing that people enjoy about WGN is the personal stories and relatability to the hosts. I don’t know what was said or done but, getting rid of Roe was a huge mistake. He really was able to bring in a younger demographic. WGN for years has been seen as your grandparents station.
    Perhaps him having an opinion goes against this whole news nation unbiased format that now seems to have something to do with all the changes.
    Just when you finally had it right, you guys blew it.
    I wasn’t up late enough to listen to Nick but, people seem to like him and what’s the difference. How many people could be listening at three in the morning anyway.

    Good luck WGN

  23. I’m sorry but I really hate the choices you made for the new line ups. Nick Digilio was great at the over night shift. The new person is awful she’s not even here in Chicago doing her show. I also hate that you got rid of Pete Mcmurray his show was also great. I also really can’t stand the Sinatra time slot it’s so boring, old music and to long maybe an hour I could tolerate here and there but not every Sunday morning. I used to go to bed and enjoyed listening to everyone but now I dread it bc I can’t stand anyone. Sure I love John Williams but it’s also boring to listen to stuff you’ve already heard during the week. When I left my house or even when I was home Wgn radio was on 24 hours 7 day’s a week but not now I get annoyed hearing crap that I have no interest in so I turn the radio off. I’ve been a longtime listener beginning with when my parents listened to it all the time and I continued that onto my household but not no more. Stop making all these terrible changes bc your losing long time listeners and I don’t think you will be gaining new listeners bc there isn’t anyone worth listening to. Yes change is supposed to be good but this case it was the worst decision made especially when so many people are staying home now they could be listening to Wgn all day but no chance now.
    Bring back the people who made Wgn worth listening to😓😓😓😓.

  24. one good thing is ousting Digilio.. a terrible method of presenting talk.. However the replacement is hair raisingly terrible. .. GN has filled a void with a deeper void.

  25. Terrible, terrible mistake leaving Nick Digilio go. We are still in shock at that decision. Overnight should be fun and Nick provides it. I do not want to hear any hard news or dwell on serious topics after Midnight. I have been listening to Nick since 1998; followed him from being a fill-in host to going part time, to landing his own show.

    Bring Nick back or that ends our listening to WGN radio!

    • I agree completely. When I cant sleep I dont want to hear covid or political talk. I want to take my mind off of problems and laugh with nick. Terrible choices. Why dont managers have people vote online or something? Just awful.

  26. I like most of the changes Bob‘s route is wonderful and of course John Williams although I do like at Elise Glink on the business lunch she’s very knowledgeable and has lots of interesting topics John does too but she’s a nice change. I love Anna and her own show and the extended hour will be nice but she needs to broaden her topic base she’s a wonderful person delightful to listen to. Although she was a nice complement to Roe Conn. I was very sad to see row leave the show I thought under the new management his wealth of knowledge and his enthusiasm and little quirkiness now and then was just what an afternoon drive needs earlier on I thought he was a little quirky and goofy with some of those thanks he had with his phone calls with the president and creepy uncle and weird things like that but under the new management I thought he was awesome his enthusiasm for sports and getting to the bottom of things Would be hard to replace I think he should come back maybe not for a four hour show but maybe two hours or three and have Steve Bertran who you are right is a very trusted person do the news updates for an hour I think the three hour show will conflict with the new programming on NewsNation Now I love the idea of John Landecker Being back on the air he’s awesome he really has a human side that’s relatable to all of us he has that little bit of evening quirkiness but he’s just fun to have on 7 to 10 is the perfect time for him. I also have sent many text messages regarding Rollye James I really liked her and the way she prepares for for guests on her shows . She also hasexceptional knowledge of musicI love that she’s brought back the R&B Which is also a part of the Chicago’s roots and very relatable , it’s a nice tone for later at night I think 10 o’clock until midnight would be a nice slot for her. I think letting Nick DiGilio go was a huge mistake he is so relatable to the every day worker the overnight worker and he can relate to all the quirky people and things and calls that come in through the night he is truly one of a kind not only that he has shared very intimate details of his life and his recovery from alcoholism I think this was a devastating blow to him and one that is irreparable!!!! I can’t think of many people on that overnight shift who would disagree with me he is the absolute best again huge mistake I had to pick one bring Nick back. I have been a loyal listener for over 40 years I’ve witnessed all the changes comings and going‘s and I have always stay true but I just can’t comprehend some of the decisions that were just made I do call Lynn and comment on issues from time to time but most of all I just love the station wish they wouldn’t mess up the good things. Also Rokhan was the perfect person to have on the drive home all people in that 30 to 50 age group even older could relate to him another huge mistake I’m sorry thanks for giving me the chance to voice my opinion sincerely Pam

  27. These changes are ridiculous and upsetting. Sirott is fine. I don’t get up early enough
    to listen to much of his show. After two hours of Anna I’ve had enough. Same topics over and over. No humor, no laughs. I like Steve but not for 3 hours of news. I will miss, miss Ro Conn. He was the best part of the schedule. I won’t be listening to WGN after John’s show.

  28. I know management of WGN doesn’t care, but WTH? Nothing personal with these people, but Bob Sirott, Anna Davlantes, & John Landecker should NOT be on WGN radio. They stumble over their own sentences more than anyone I know. It’s painful to listen to them. WGN was a MUCH better station before “nexstar” took over. If this is the best Mary Boyle can do…she needs to go also!

  29. Nick, Please.
    People who can’t sleep want the comfort of familiar voices. That familiarity is calming and restful no matter their subjects or conversations. That feeling you get when you know everyone is home safe and sound so irreplaceable. That’s what overnight radio should be. Don’t try to solve problems here.

    You’re making bad decisions.


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