Wendy Bell Future on Radio Unclear


KDKA host Wendy Bell is off the air after she said people vandalizing park monuments should be shot on sight by park rangers and snipers. She also mimicked the sound of a gun firing.

The comments were aimed at Black Lives Matter protesters and it was posted in an online video. In the video, Bell said, “The silent majority is pissed and they are armed and they are ready. So, don’t muck with us. Shoot, done. No more messing with monuments. You want to mess with a monument? Done, get out.”

Entercom released the following statement about Bell: “Entercom is home to thousands of voices representing Americans of all races, ethnicities, gender identity, sexual orientation, beliefs and ability. We take very seriously our responsibility to provide a platform for our communities to engage in diverse and meaningful dialogue, debate and the right to freedom of speech. We do not condone the incitement of violence on any of our platforms. Members of our community have recently brought to our attention comments made by Wendy Bell that do not align with Entercom’s values. Wendy has been taken off air until further notice.”

Bell, who was fired by WTAE-TV in 2016 for a controversial post on Facebook, was hired by Entercom in 2018.


  1. She’s a fake and a phony. Good riddance. I hear Potter County is looking for an entry level person like her to run their Community Access Channel from midnight to 6 a.m, mostly covering the elk migration. Oh but she’d get fired from that station too. LOL at Windy Bell.

  2. And yet…. Kamala Harris promotes rioting, looting and burning down businesses and gets the “ far left pass”…. oh my God, ( Oooops, the left doesn’t believe in God ) what a vice president she would be !

  3. She got fired because she encouraged and endorsed a FELONY. Not because the LEFT did anything. Her station fired her not the left. Time to own up to your words, Windy. Good riddance. Maybe Channel 11 will hire (then fire you.) Hey that would be all three stations who canned her! The Pixsburgh Trifecta!!

  4. That’s it!!!! I’m sooo done with kdka….the only thing going for that station was/is Wendy Bell!!!! The rest are a disgrace. Wendy I hope you realize the following you have ..hold your head up! You’re the best. I’m Soo sick of the CLOWNS you have on that radio station …either arrogant like larry…or over paid morons that constantly cut down what is decent…and have no respect. You ever get a load of the crap that comes out of Lynn’s mouth! Or Mangino…now there’s a prize. And Marty? He must have bruises on his legs from straddling the fence so many times. None compare to Wendy! You should be embarrassed! Lost yet another listener!

  5. I will tell you who is racist and sexist, intolerant, bigoted and ruthless…if they don’t hire back Wendy Bell. I am a Caucasian, conservative woman…and I am not represented on KDKA…I wasn’t until they hired her. Meanwhile, I listened to racist, vile, insensitive comments made about my “ilk” to every other talk show host on KDKA without a hint of repercussions. The other hosts love hearing us trashed and humiliated. Now that’s fair!
    I took umbrage when a BLM guest on Lynn’s show said one of their members that acted out downtown was dysfunctional because he was raised by white people. She said it twice! I think Obama was raised by white people, and that worked out more than okay for him! No? One caller told Mangino we were stupid crackers. Nice.
    But it’s cool today to cut down Caucasians and no one calls it racist.
    Smart people aren’t for annihilation of our past. Even if you are dumb enough to think you can do that by tearing down statues…did you see the young person who was hurt when the thugs pulled the heavy statue down on his head?! Brilliant!
    They should have been stopped from maiming him AND dedtroying Federal property. Somehow, period.
    Well, this well-heeled, Caucasian woman will save her money by not buying the products or services advertised on KDKA.
    Used to love Totin’s, clean carpet and air, etc., but I won’t sacrifice hearing the truth from Wendy Bell while the patriarchy known as KDKA marginalizes me. Do the right thing…hire her back…and quit cowtowing to the left only! Your bias is showing!

    • KDKA lost the only person in their station who isn’t a democrat. You may not agree but all you need to do is listen for a day. It’s a sad day when our nation follows the democrat policies. Never have I seen Melania Trump on any station, be it radio or TV. She has done so much good for our country, yet nothing is ever mentioned. STOP COWTOWING TO THE LEFT AND STAND UP FOR OUR FREEDOM FOR A CHANGE. The alphabet news stations(you included) are all on the same page as “Chuck Todd” who cried when Trump won in 2016. You are a disgusting bunch!

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you could let someone like Wendy Bell go. She was the best, most prepared, and personable person you had on the air (sorry Marty).
    The comments made as to her firing were taken out of context; she was not inciting violence but rather expressing her frustrations with the destruction of historical monuments. The terms they should be shot is an expression everyone uses periodically. She was merely implying they should be punished.
    Shame on your station. You have violated what you stated you wanted-“meaningful dialogue, debate, and the right to freedom of speech.” No one believes that she was trying to incite violence.
    She needs to be reinstated immediately.

  7. Yes she did tell people to shoot other people quit twisting facts to fill your opinions. This is a fragile time both sides need to quit putting out this opinions and come up with a solution.

  8. Wendy Bell told the truth as all should do. She brought attention to KDKA and increased followers a exponential rates. But if Antifa or BLM get offended during these times the masses will cater to them. KDKA should bring Wendy back but they are a LEFT leaning group and want to silence those on the right and try to persecute us. Wendy lit a fire in many hearts and you will not extinguish that. So cut your nose off to spite your face is how so many do today but I promise I will not tune into KDKA in the future without her being on your station.

    • I so agree with Kevin Curtis as well as many others that have voiced their opinions to you……what is happening to our beloved America??… We use to be against what was bad and stood up for good… yet, opinions are only allowed if they now come from the left !!!! KDKA had a strong voice for good as long as Wendy Bell was part of it… and you should bring her back. Why are you allowing the LEFT to dictate to all of us and to you ?? Why do we no longer have a voice….. and what has happened to freedom of speech.??? Little by little our freedoms have been taken away and KDKA is becoming a part of that movement .

    • I too after this post will be removing the Radio app and no longer listen to KDKA. So sick of only the minorities having a voice and the rest having to hush up.

  9. Wow ! Freedom of speech is only for the people who run the business that she works for,( control of your opinion) ? Sounds like Wendy has a law case for her freedom of speech and hopefully a large constitutional judgment against them, her employer new her views on social topics and hired her for those reasons. I enjoy “All” views of of the political environment, and you get a lot of the opposite opinion form much of the other media system from this corporation, and that’s what this addresses, “her view” of what’s right and wrong. Don’t the media attorney’s for the corporation (corporate conglomerate) make the company state at the beginning, or end, of the broadcast that the statement/comments of their reporters are “the views of the person broadcasting on their station and are not necessarily “in line”, or “the views” with the ownership of the corporation ? Save your ass but the people you hire to provide their opinion can be fired or “let go” for providing the opinion you hire them to do. Sweet…anyone looking for a job there better consider the ramifications of you actions and “tow the company line”, we don’t really care about your opinion, tell our story or YOUR OUT.

  10. My wife and I enjoyed listening to her everyday. She was able to speak what we all thought. We were shocked and saddened when channel 4 took her off the air. What did channel 4 think when she hit the nail on the head when they caught the people involved with the crime! She described them to the T! Free speech is gone! It’s only free if it doesn’t offend anyone! Respect and discipline are gone! And it started long before Trump. These people are trying to erase history an try to create several different countries living within the United States. I would love to see some of the old timers see what’s going on in the country today. If you wear BLM shirt it’s ok. You wear a black flag with a blue line in the middle you get a memo to never wear it again. It’s so 1 sided today it’s sickening! We need more people like Wendy Bell!

  11. Advertisers pay the bills and hers dumped her faster than a bride at the alter! The radio station would have let her be if the left hadn’t complained to the people who pay the bills! Even Hanity and Rush stop short when it comes to letting loose on all of their feelings on those who are acting crazy now! The market is ripe for her to get her show on another station unless her contract has a Cinderella clause that pays her off after she is fired and she must remain unemployed a certain amount of time before getting a new job! God Bless you Wendy! Take care! Hope you will return soon! 🙂

  12. Wendy checked her facts before she spoke! She was the one brave enough to stand up and tell the truth! I listened to her show faithfully. Freedom of speech for everyone but the one telling the truth!!! What are these people afraid of? The truth!! Sad. I will not be tuning into KDKA radio unless Wendy is reinstated!! I support Wendy Bell and the truth!!

  13. I so much enjoyed listening to Wendy Bell, she is the only talk show host that speaks the truth. I do agree that humans should not be shot but our government gives vandals and looters a slap on the wrist and the are released. What a joke the mayor of Pittsburgh turned out to be. He along with Pa governor stay looked in a bubble. Hope someone gets it!!!!!

  14. The first time someone is actually harmed as a result of her hateful rhetoric she’ll be sued and rightly so. Oh, and you and your station will quite possibly be named as co-defendants. Is she worth that?

  15. Wendy Bell was targeted by the local ANTIFA, black lives matter, and Pittsburgh protest groups on Twitter to silence her conservative views by using an old clip that no one complained about back in June. They colluded with the Pittsburgh City Paper to get the story in print. KDKA, Entercom and advertisers should not give in to these few loud radicals. They even threatened to take down Marty Griffin next (for misgendering Rachel Levine, who perhaps would have done a better job with Covid in nursing homes if her main priority wasnt being a trans activist).

  16. The comment was probably a little over the top.But, I can understand the frustration she’s feeling with all the rioting, looting, burning, violence…. She was a breath of fresh air at KDKA. Bring her back with the understanding that she won’t make such comments in the future.Wendy was the only reason I listened to KDKA.

  17. She has no one to blame but herself for being off the air. She acted the same way POTUS does with mean cruel remarks encouraging people to do bad things to others. She is no better than the looters or those who were marching the streets in Pittsburgh Today, frightening people eating outside. Keep her off the air. She is beneath the standards of KDKA RADIO.

    • Why don’t you look around and see what is happening all over this country. It was not her words that were encouraging people to do bad things; have you ever heard of Antifa, BLM, and left wing liberals. They are the ones spreading violence, hate, and destruction all over this country. Put the blame where it belongs and it is not with Wendy Bell.

  18. Hold the fort. Everybody has the right of speech except Ms Bell???

    Why is she blackballed? So what if she offers a solution that is not popular. Newsflash: she did not suggest people be KILLED. She said SHOT- maybe she meant rubber bullets- but no, nobody cares for context.

    Wendy speaks what spineless people are afraid to say. The idea of a talk host is to stimulate and generate convos. She does that quite well.

    Management should support her right to speak. Period.

      • You obviously never listened to the show, either that or you do not posses enough intelligence to understand what she was saying. She did not condone violence nor advocate for it, simply put advocated our American right to defend what is ours. If you did not like her message, you could either turn it off or find another station. There were enough of us who liked her that losing you and your kind would not even hurt her ratings.

        • There is no “American right” to vigilante justice. Pittsburgh is not the wild west. You can’t just shoot people because you don’t like them.

    • Thanks Jack for proving again that Americans have no understanding of the First Amendment.

      Free Speech does not mean Freedom from Consequences.

      The Government is not going to arrest her for what she said so she is “free” to say anything she wants and pay the consequences of her “freedom”.

      She practiced her “free speech” while the employee of a Company that has the right to fire her if they don’t like what she says.

      If you need anymore lessons on the consequences of “free speech”, I suggest you look up Kaepernick, Colin.

      Of course by your wrong headed obtuse take on free speech, I am sure you are all for him suffering for his “free speech”.

  19. NOBODY on either side of the political spectrum wants violence or destruction. Nobody. The protestors who are violent are not BLM. Some are right wing infiltrators; some are black people who are angry beyond controlling their impulses and are easily riled up by instigators whose purpose is anarchy; some are just people who like to loot and burn for whatever reason – mental health, etc. The vast majority are not like that – and it has been extremely difficult for BLM to root out these people and keep them away from their peaceful protests. And they are also having a hard time in some cities, like Pittsburgh, getting the police to help them. Not all cities with protests have had problems. Cities aren’t burning, with Democratic mayors or otherwise except for places like Kenosha and Portland (which is a whole other story). That is nothing but right wing propaganda. But, in reality, none of that matters. What matters is that still live in a democracy that guarantees the right to a trial for whatever crime – and encouraging vigilante justic against protestors is not only illegal, it is probably the most stupid, anti-American thing that crazy woman has said, and she has said plenty. Pittsburgh is better than that. Th U.S. is better than that. If you think otherwise, then perhaps you ought to read the constitution.


  21. I very much enjoyed Wendy’s afternoon show. I will miss her and her honesty. I tend to agree when it is said that people who are in positions of importance on KDKA are concerned with the positions that Wendy adheres to. They are afraid to admit that people are finally fed up with the wanton destruction of other people’s property and the destruction of our heritage by people who do not care about anything good in our nation. Nothing gets done about it and people like Wendy are willing to broadcast those truths. I do not believe that she is a racist person. She has stated that ALL LIVES MATTER. Red, Yellow, Brown White, Black & Blue.
    PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH THE ONE SIDED MEDIA. I will not listen to KDKA again. I’m done with Spineless people who are afraid to hear the truth.

  22. Listen wendy bell is a real person with real heart she care for people and never any ill intent to make statements to hurt anyone but she is a truly a beautiful well spoken woman and if kdka radio can’t see that well shame on them I will tell you this if she does not come back u will made it my business to insure others to not listen anymore to kdka radio.

  23. I’m 80 years old. Wendy Bell has a right to her opinion but the way she presents it is what bothers me. She is disrespectful to anyone who disagrees with her, unlike other KDKA TALK SHOW HOSTS, and could encourage someone to do something that could end up taking another life. She needs a desk job writing for someone else to present on air. She is much to radical for me.

  24. It’s funny how all of a sudden 2 month after the post it’s an issue. I think KDKA is more afraid of Wendy’s BS board and ALL her FACT she shares with us. She says what we think and that scares some people (DEMS) freedom of speech is still one of our rights? These people trying to take out our history are not protesters they are animals just wanting to cause mayhem.

  25. we all follow and love Wendy Bell
    Wendy made a mistake ask for her apologies ,and everyone deserves a 2nd chance ,

    • This was her second chance. Whwn someone tells you who they are, believe them. She is a rascist, bigoted, xenophobic, dangerous woman and I am Not a Democrat. I am a person with open eyes. Get out of the cult.

  26. Although Wendys’ comment might be considered extreme to the wonderful folks who condone looting, burning and physical violence because of a nobel cause. Most of them don’t know the name of the man the police killed 3 months later. Yes, this IS because of racial injustice but outright stupidity in the way police are screened and hired is not perfect in any way—a few bad ones always slip past the cracks and are backed-up by their fellow officers after they screw up ie THE BLUE LINE. The bad ones need weeded out before the whole country is on fire with hate. Yes ,city fathers clean up your own hireing act it’s your fault. How about firing a cop who shuts off his body camera and clean the thugs in the police force. Every time a cop screws up the citizens who pay his salery HAVE TO PAY DOUBLE and either chew Wendy out and quit being hypocrits yourself

    • Nobody is condoning violence, looting, burning or physical violence. Nobody. In fact only one statue was vandalized in Pittsburgh, so this seems very extreme. If people feel personally threatened because one statue was vandalized, it may be time to take a vacation.

      • At least now I know what the big A stands for. It is what those statues represent, not the statue. She has enough sense to understand those statues represent out history, our heritage, and yes our very freedoms. To me, defacing the statues of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln (ect,ect,ect) is the same as disrespecting our flag. I have no patience or tolerance for that either.

  27. items that she talked about should never be taken down, forgetting about the past then the past will just be repeated over and over again.. where was the blm when Obama & Biden was in office ??? anyone ??? and as i remember you never saw Biden at all, they never let him talk because he thinks its 1920 at times (his words).so when she said that those people should be shot SHE’s RIGHT!!

  28. I knew this would happen. This is what happens when you have a different point of view from the left (blm). Anyone who disagrees, or, has a different opinion, WILL BE CRUSHED.

    Sounds crazy, right? NO. Watch, Listen. Notice what will happens VERY SOON, pay attention, you will see more.

    Election Day, vote for your life. NO? See you; you’re gone. Don’t cry to me. You made your choice, now you have to live with it.

  29. I love the “Wendy Bell’s comments to not reflect the values of this station” line of crap. It is true…but not how they have framed it. Wendy is not a screaming liberal like the owners at KDKA. She needs to be reinstated since she carries the one segment aimed at a portion of KDKA’s diverse viewership…the conservatives of Pittsburgh.

    • Conservative? Or fascist? Or even communist? Sounds to me like she would like to see the establishment of a police state, such as what existed in Germany 80 years ago and what exists today in such leftist dictatorships as Lukashenko’s Belarus, North Korea, and mainland China. Hey, the North Korean authorities tortured an American college kid to death because he stole a propaganda poster. Does the name Otto Warmbier jog any memories? But this is the kind of America that Wendy Bell and her sycophants would love to see. “KDKA’s diverse viewership?” Wendy Bell was on KDKA Radio, 1020 AM, owned by Entercom. KDKA-TV is owned by a separate company (CBS) and has disavowed any connection with her.

      And, no, I do not condone burning, looting, and rioting. I still remember the 1967 riots in Newark, NJ and other cities.

        • Fascism is of the right. Communism is of the left. The net result is the same: No freedom, complete dictatorship, and the establishment of a police state. Perhaps the trolls, Wendy Bell sycophants, and Trumpsters posting here should study a little history before going to their keyboards. They are a far, far cry from the classical conservatives of Adam Smith or William F. Buckley. Wendy Bell and her followers are no more conservative than Fidel Castro was a liberal. Study your history and don’t drink the Clorox-flavored Kool Aid.

  30. BOYCOTT KDKA until Wendy Bell is re-instated with “Full Pay”
    SHAME ON KDKA! Wendy Bell is a “Breath of Fresh Air”

    Finally someone who speaks reality on the new!


    • That’s my plan. And if KDKA radio is too spineless to put her back on the air, maybe FOX news will hire her. She’d be a great addition.

  31. She’s advocating vigilante justice. Even the president knows not to do this. If listeners follow her instructions and kill someone, she & the station could be held liable. If she did this on social media, she would be banned. Why not the same for radio?

  32. After WTAE canned her, why did KDKA hire her in the first place? And, no, in this country, we don’t shoot vandals. But we do arrest them and they should be subject to a hefty fine and possibly jail time…or, at least, be given a bucket of industrial strength cleaner, a scrub brush, and be made to clean up the graffiti that they sprayed on the monuments!


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