Fox News Audio Adds Affiliates


The decision by Cumulus to shutdown Westwood One News to 900 plus affiliates in August has benefited Fox News. Fox News Audio has expanded its national radio affiliate network to include 56 former Westwood One News affiliate stations.

Fox says it has 1,000 affiliated radio stations nationwide. Among the new partnered affiliates are WABC-AM New York, WMAL-AM Washington, D.C. and WBAP-AM in Dallas.

Fox News operates Fox News Audio, which encompasses Fox News Radio, Fox News Podcasts and Fox News Headlines 24/7.


  1. Yes, I was appreciative that WBAP here in the Dallas-Fort Worth market picked up FOX News, to replace the Westwood One garbage the station was using before.

    The Westwood One service relied primarily on CNN for its reports…the CNN that has zero credibility among thinking, objective news consumers, anymore. Yes, FOX leans conservative, but nowhere near how hyper-left CNN has swung in recent years in the other direction.


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