RAB Buying Vallie’s Talent Institute


Dan Vallie has spent many years of his life creating a national program to teach young adults about choosing radio as a career. His passion resulted in eight 10-day long programs, better known as the National Radio Talent System. On Wednesday it was announced that the RAB would be taking over the company.

Vallie will advise the RAB as it integrates the institute into the organization. He says creating the National Radio Talent System began as a labor of love because of the need the industry has had, and still has today, to discover, and prepare the next generation of broadcasters, who can be hired today and be leaders in our industry tomorrow. “Today’s visionary broadcasters, universities and sponsors working together have made it a reality, and RAB has been there with us from the very first Radio Talent Institute. With RAB CEO Erica Farber and the RAB’s passion, vision and infrastructure, I’m confident the National Radio Talent System will continue to grow and maximize it’s potential; assuring the industry of young talent on through this 21st century. I truly believe over the next 100 years radio will be the keystone of a golden age of audio, even more so by attracting these young talent to the industry. It’s people that make the difference, always has been and always will be.”

Farber added that an integral part of the RAB’s mission is providing the industry with the tools and resources to help broadcasters attract new sales talent and enhance radio’s professionalism through training and support. “The integration of the National Radio Talent System into the RAB delivers on the mission in so many ways, and we are just delighted to continue to grow Dan Vallie’s vision and take it to the next phase.”

A purchase price was not announced.


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