Biden Apologizes For Radio Comments


After making comments on The Breakfast Club Morning Show, that came across as taking the African American vote for granted, Joe Biden has apologized. In response to a question from Charlamagne tha God, Biden said, ” If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Later in the day, Biden issued the following apology. “I know that the comments have come off like I was taking the African American vote for granted. But nothing could be further [from] the truth. I’ve never ever done that, and I’ve earned it every time I’ve run. I was making the point that I have never taken the vote for granted. And in fact, I know in order to win the presidency, I need the African American vote. And it was the driving force, as I said, in the beginning of my campaign [a] year ago, to my being able to win in the first place and win the primary. And it is going to be critical to my winning the presidency.”

The Breakfast Club, syndicated by Premiere, has become a regular stop for all Democratic candidates running for President.


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