Broadcasters Pressure FCC For Change


    Back in March GeoBroadcast Solutions filed a petition with the FCC asking that FM booster stations using its technology be allowed to originate limited programming content to provide zoned programming to a primary station’s service area. On Monday radio station owners filed comments in support of the petition.

    The 24 owners, calling themselves the Broadcasters for Limited Program Origination, own 108 radio stations and 85 FM translators, are asking the FCC to also allow FM translators to be allowed to broadcast original programming, rather than simply rebroadcast an existing FM signal.

    The Broadcasters for Limited Program Origination advocate that, to serve the public interest with increased program diversity, both FM booster and translator licensees should be allowed to originate limited amounts of programming instead of being required to re-broadcast only the primary station’s programming.

    The group also wants the FCC to extend coverage contours out to the greater of the 45 dBμ contour or a 25-mile radius from the FM translator transmitter site. And, they want the call signs for translators with original programming to end in FX.

    The group of 24 owners filing this petition are mainly small market broadcasters.
    The NAB also supports the GeoBroadcast Solutions plan.

    To file comments with the FCC GO HERE



    1. Another solution in search of a problem–and the wrong solution. I’ve had a booster for many years. Even in our hilly terrain it still causes problems with the main signal. What must be understood is that FM signals–in a given location–vary considerably from day to day. The FCC’s signal strength chart reflects this–it’s called the 50/50 chart because it represents the signal 50% of the time at 50% of the locations.

      Usually you plan the booster installation so this interference zone falls in an area where it won’t be noticeable. And various techniques–syncing carriers for example–make the transition zone smaller. But if one signal has different content….


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