News Organizations Ask For Federal Funding


Four national media organizations, the News Media Alliance, NAB, National Newspaper Association and America’s Newspapers, called on Congress to provide financial support to local news media in its next stimulus bill.

The document said that local news operations are in immediate peril due to COVID-19 and they need Congress to act now

The organizations want Congress to ensure the ability of local media to seek relief under the Paycheck Protection Program and to fund federal advertising spending on local media through directing current U.S. government advertising campaigns to local news and media outlets, and providing the Department of Health and Human Services, the Small Business Administration and other relevant agencies with an additional $5-10 billion for direct funding for local media advertising that would be evenly distributed to local media in communities of all sizes.

Read the entire document HERE


  1. It’s very ironic how much of the media is conservative and against “big government” help, until the media companies themselves “need help.” Can you say “hypocritical” ?!!
    No, absolutely zero help for media companies. I mean, news reporting companies literally indebted to the government??? Talk about “compromising yourself” !


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