Headliner Awards Announced


KCBS-AM / KFRC-FM, San Francisco, Entercom, Westwood One News, Cumulus, and ABC Audio have been recognized with prestigious National Headliner Awards. The Awards, presented by the Press Club of Atlantic City, are part of one of the oldest and largest annual contest recognizing journalistic merit in the communication industry.

The Bay Area stations received first place awards in the “Radio Stations Newscast (all markets)” category for the morning news coverage of the Kincade WildFire on October 24, 2019. The stations also picked up a third place award for the continuing coverage of the event.

Westwood One News received a first place award in the “Breaking News or Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event”. The award was for coverage of the mass shootings which occurred over a single weekend in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, in early August, 2019. The network also garnered second place in the “Documentary or Public Affairs” category for 1939 – America on the Eve of War and earned third place in the “Best Newscast” category for America in the Morning.

ABC Audio, in the Broadcast Radio Networks and Syndicators Category, received a first place Newscast award for its 11 AM Network Newscast on 10/28/19. In the Feature Human Interest category, “NHL Dentists”, picked up first place recognition. In the Continuing Coverage category second place was awarded for “California Burning” and third place was awarded for “Jeffrey Epstein Coverage”. The series, “Faith Under Fire”, picked up 2nd place honors in the News Series category and a third place award was given for “Migrant Produce Pickers” in the Feature category.


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