Podcast Academy Unveiled — Without Commercial Radio!


At Podcast Movement’s Evolution last week, Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez announced a new a new not-for-profit organization of independent podcasters called The Podcast Academy. Notably not in the group that made the announcement with Lopez were iHeartMedia, Entercom or any other commercial radio company.

Update: On Monday afternoon we were told that all radio companies were invited to be part of the organization.

The group called the founding members are: Donald Albright (Tenderfoot TV), Erik Diehn (Stitcher), Anya Grundman (NPR), Kerri Hoffman (PRX), Courtney Holt (Spotify), Hernan Lopez (Wondery), Christy Mirabal (Sony Music), Rekha Murthy (Independent), Lauren Spohrer (Criminal), and Alia Tavakolian (Spoke Media).

iHeartRadio Podcast Network CEO Conal Byrne tells Radio Ink iHeart was asked to participate and they plan to evaluate the new organization first. “Because we already have the IHeartRadio Podcast awards, built as an industry show with industry participation, we just want to make sure this is something additive.”

The group also announced new awards – The Golden Mics. The first annual Golden Mics ceremony will be held in Los Angeles in early 2021.

Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez said Film, Television, Music – all other major forms of art have long-ago established a member-based Academy with the goal of fostering and celebrating creative excellence and it was time for Podcasts to establish their own. “I am delighted to be joined by a diverse group of people who really care about excellence, from across the country, representing all kinds of podcasts, from public radio to independents and networks.”,

The Podcast Academy will also host monthly webinars on industry topics, networking events in Los Angeles and New York City, and publish whitepapers on best practices. Additionally, the Academy will host a searchable directory of members, giving everyone the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the podcast field.

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