What is iHeart’s Podcast AdSuite All About?


The goal of the new product is to help advertisers get their message out to as many of iHeart’s listeners as possible, and, for those brands to be able to measure the success of their campaigns. It’s also a way for podcast advertisers to get their message in front of iHeart’s radio listeners.

iHeart has over 750 original podcasts in the iHeartRadio Podcast Network. And, many of iHeart’s radio stations are airing full podcast episodes on Sunday’s with a few stations airing iHeart podcasts 24 hours a day.

The iHeartPodcast AdSuite provides advertisers with several ad formats and customization tools. Through these products, iHeartMedia says it has created “a dynamic range of options for advertisers and brands to reach their audiences with targetability and scale without sacrificing the listener experience.”

The new iHeart AdSuite includes:

AdSuite Insights
Premium advertisers will get a snapshot of podcast listener analytics including audience insights and profiles, consumption/ engagement metrics and delivery reporting from all of the different platforms that the iHeartPodcast Network distributes to.
The cost of that product was not included in the iHeart release.

iHeartPodcast Boost
Shares podcasts across iHeartMedia’s broadcast radio stations via full episodes, custom produced vignettes, promotions and/or branded spots read by a host.

A dynamic and streaming ad insertion and local ad insertion product that allows advertisers to leverage iHeartMedia’s audience insights to target specific audiences and serve them customized real-time ad creative.

iHeartPodcast TakeOver
Offers advertisers the first ad placement in every iHeartPodcast on any given day.

Podcast talent will partner with advertisers to promote a brand across their show, social, video and live tour.





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