CBS Offered Artie Lange $20 Million To Replace Stern


That’s what Lange claimed on his podcast Artie Lange’s Halfway House. He interviewed former CBS Radio and Howard Stern Show executive Tim Sabean in episode 19. A lot of behind-the-scenes details were revealed on the episode.

Lange said when Stern announced he was leaving radio, CBS tried to screw him over by getting both him and Stern’s long-time produced Gary Dell’Abate to leave Stern and stay with the company. Sabean had to make the call to Lange with the offer because he still worked for the company at the time. And, Lange says the offer was a guaranteed $5 million per year for four years with Dell’Abate as the show’s producer. Lange declined the offer as did Dell’Abate. They all went to work with Howard at Sirius, including Sabean.

On the podcast, Sabean said he was working on getting Preston & Steve to replace Sern in New York but the company shot it down. Many will recall that Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth was hired to replace Stern. That turned out to be a huge bungle as Roth only lasted a few months. Sabean also didn’t hold back on his criticism for former CBS executives.

Sabean also said his relationship with Stern, which was very strong for years, did not end well. Sabean says he was going through a divorce, his dad was close to death, and when he went in to see Stern to ask for a leave of absence, Stern said, “Maybe we should just part company.” And that was the end of it.






  1. Stopped listening to Stern when he became a Hollywood Lefty I think he’s been brainwashed by Beth. How he could support the radical left is beyond belief.

  2. Who’s Steve Dahl??? Imagine copy-catting someone that not too many people know? Now you could say that it’s easier to “not get caught“ that way, but if nobody knows who he is, how good could he have been? I don’t know. I used to be a Howard fan, but I think as we get older, not just him, our tastes change a little bit. Not so sure I would be interested in listening to him if he was doing the exact stuff he was doing 30 years ago when I was awed by his show!

  3. These writers nowadays are lazy. No spell check? It happens from fox news and CNN all the way down to articles like this. No wonder our generation gets called lazy. When someone had to read spelling errors every time they read a news article. You’re supposed to be a professional, act like it and use the tools already on the computer you’re using to write it on.

    • I was thinking the same fucking thing. Not only that, but all of these articles have almost no substance, and half of them are based on podcasts. It’s hilarious. I was going to say that maybe I should become a “writer,” since I could definitely do better, but in reality, whoever wrote this probably made 10 cents off of this (not that it’s worth any more than that).

    • You’re right. I thought I was the only person who noticed it. Laziness is certainly a factor, but it could also be ignorance. Schools have been dumbed down for a pretty good while. I don’t think grammar is even taught any longer, at least not in any rigorous way. Learning the niceties of correct grammar is no longer a very high priority with school systems. In my case, my college career started 10 years after high school. The decline in public education during that decade was obvious. The standards for grammar and writing were way higher for me in high school than they were at a big state university–a situation that proved to be nearly universal. I had a hard time referring to my college experience as ‘higher education’. It didn’t seem any higher to me.

      • Please, enlighten us with more platitudes you’ve heard someone else say (but that you haven’t done an ounce of research to verify). You only had 8 or 9 cliches with your first post; could you try for an even dozen next time? Thanks in advance!

  4. I find this story interesting. I enjoyed reading and have no further opinions toward Howard, his past , present or future. Whats wrong with me?

  5. Stern is in his 60s yet people want him to do the shit he did when he was 30. They want lesbians and fighting. He has evolved and if he still did that shit people would complain he was doing the same shit. It’s lose, lose.


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